Rife RX5 Driver Review

The Rife RX5 driver offers quality at an affordable price

The RX5 is aimed at beginners and high-handicap golfers.

Rife RX5 Driver

The Rife RX5 driver is a no frills, affordable driver that provides plenty of value of money. Is it any good?

If you are in the market for a new driver but on a budget, the RX5 produces an impressive performance for a driver priced at an extremely affordable price.

Part of the RX5 series that also includes fairway woods, hybrids and irons, the graphite shafted driver is non-adjustable but he been honed to produce more distance and speed than any other Rife driver.

What Rife says about the RX5 driver:

“The technologically advanced driver helps to maximise clubhead speed during the downswing, for greater driving distance.

“The technology in the driver helps you to launch it higher and with reduced spin. This is achieved through an innovative thinner 460cc structure, constructed with high-strength forged head.

“The weight savings of the thin structure allowed designers to push weight into targeted zones to improve launch and lower spin for greater distance performance.

“It has a high polished black paint finish combined with a durable black PVD body which offers high-levels of confidence at address position.”

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Rife RX5 Driver Design & Features

As mentioned, the RX5 driver from Rife is no frills and ideally suited to beginners just taking up the game or high-handicappers looking for a reliable driver thank won’t break the bank.

The are no modern technologies in the RX5 and any adjustability either, just a good old fashioned off the shelf driver with a standard loft of 10.5 degrees.

The big Forged 6061 alloy club head inspires confidence over the ball and you can expect to enjoy some distance gains if you are upgrading from an old driver.

Rife RX5 Driver

The Rife driver comes with a lightweight graphite shaft to help enhance clubhead speed, while the CG is position to reduce spin levels and add distance to your game from the tee.

The RX5 is boasts an attractive black looks and comes with the driver head cover.

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Verdict: Is the Rife RX5 driver any good?

The Rife driver is all about value for money so don’t expect huge gains in distance or forgiveness if you add this to the bag.

The RX5 is targeted at newcomers, relative beginners or novices and high handicap golfers who are looking for reliable performance and the ability to find fairways with a little more consistency.

It doesn’t shatter the earth in terms of what a driver can do, but it more than exceeds expectations at the price point.

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How much does the Rife RX5 driver cost?

The RX5 retails at a very reasonable £119 for the driver.

Is the Rife RX5 driver adjustable?

No. It comes with a standard loft of 10.5 degrees.

Is the Rife RX5 driver forgiving?

Yes, it is a very forgiving driver. The CG positions means you can expect low spin levels from the RX5.