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Studio Crafted Golf Head Covers Reviews (HIGH Class Designs)

Studio Crafted Golf

Studio Crafted Golf Head Covers are new to the market offering something different in terms of design from the norm. How do they look in the bag and how do they perform?

If you are in the market for new head covers for your driver, woods, hybrids, irons or putter, Studio Crafted Golf have come up with a range of unique designs that stand out from the crowd.

Not only do they look stylish, they are very well designed with shapes and sizes to fit all types of clubs

Most notably, they come with a quality performing magnetic catch on the putter covers or tight fitting design for drivers, woods or irons that stays strong under the pressure of constant use.

A look at the Studio Crafted Golf Head Covers currently available.

Driver Head Covers

Studio Crafted have created four designs of driver head covers with each offering a unique design and look for your big stick.

They have produced the Augusta Georgia Driver Cover, 0 Putts Given Driver Cover, Azaleas Driver Cover and the Hula Girl Driver Cover ranges.

They are a perfect fit for all modern driver clubhead shapes, come with an elastic grip liner to ensure the cover doesn’t fall off and has a protective inner lining.

Studio Crafted Golf Driver Cover

The Augusta Georgia Driver Cover is inspired by the Masters. It features Augusta like emblems on one side and the Studio Crafted Golf logo on the other. It is is available in white, black or green.

The Azaleas Driver Cover also takes inspiration from the Masters, featuring the number one with a bright pink azalea famed from Augusta. The option is only available in white.

One of the main ranges, the 0 Putts Given Driver Cover has the wording emblazoned across the cover several times. This option is available in white with red and black with green colours.

Designed specifically for female golfers, the Hula Girl Driver Cover is cream with vibrant dancing Hawaii girl cartoon image, palm trees and flowers.

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Fairway Woods Head Covers

The Studio Crafted Golf Head Covers for fairway woods are identical to the drivers in terms of design, but are available in three of the four designs.

Studio Crafted Golf Fairway Woods Cover

You can buy the woods covers in the Augusta Georgia design with white black and green colour options available.

Also available for fairway woods are the 0 Putts Given Fairway Wood Covers (white and black colours) and the Hula Girl Fairway Wood Cover.

Hybrids Head Covers

Hybrids cover from Studio Crafted Golf come in three of the design options – the Augusta Georgia Hybrid Cover, 0 Putts Given Hybrid Cover and Hula Girl Hybrid Cover.

Studio Crafted Golf Hybrid Cover

A snug fit over all of your rescue clubs, the covers are high quality with three colours in the Augusta range (white, green and black) and two in the 0 Putts Given (white and black).

Iron Head Covers Review

There is only one design for iron head covers with the Members Only range similar to the Augusta model for drivers, fairways and hybrids.

Studio Crafted Golf Irons Cover

The iron covers can be purchases in green, black or white and each set come with 10 items for 3-iron to 9-iron as well as Pitching Wedge, A Wedge and Sand Wedge.

Putter Head Covers

Whether you have a blade putter or a mallet putter in the back, Studio Crafted Golf have you covered with a variety of designs.

All putter covers are premium qualify in design and manufacturing and come with a industrial magnetic strip that ensure you won’t lose the head cover.

Studio Crafted Golf Putter Cover

Blade options are available in the Augusta Georgia (white, green and black), 1964 Impala Miami, Hawaii Tiki, 0 Putt Given (white, black , Hawaii Hula Girl, Tweet Tweet, Kiawah Island, United States Old Glory, Masteres Menu, Paint Splash Black/Blue, Milled Face, Dancing Circle ST, Sandwiches and Putt For Dough

Mallet design come in the Augusta Georgia (white, green and black), 1964 Impala Miami Mallet, Hawaii Tiki Square Mallet, 0 Putts Given (white, black Hawaii Honolulu Hula Girl, Tweet Tweet, Kiawah Island, United States Old Glory, Masteres Menu, Paint Splash Black and Putt For Dough.