SuperStroke Putter Grips Guide & Sizes (COMPREHENSIVE Info)

Complete guide to the SuperStroke putter grips available

A look at the SuperStroke putter grips sizes and benefits.

SuperStroke Putter Grips

SuperStroke is a popular brand known for its innovative putting grips designed to improve your game. Here’s a complete SuperStroke putter grips guide and sizes available.

SuperStroke grips have an oversized design with the intention of improving performance by offering better control, consistency and feel.

They have a non-tapered shape, which can help reduce wrist movement and promote a more stable putting stroke.

SuperStroke grips come in various sizes to suit different preferences and hand sizes. Here’s a SuperStroke Putter Grips Guide including all sizes and benefits:

SuperStroke putting grips are usually denoted by a number, but they also have names. The size number indicates the diameter of the grip’s butt end, where you hold the grip. The larger the number, the thicker the grip.

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SuperStroke Putter Grip Sizes

The most common sizes include:


This size offers the thinnest grip profile and is suitable for golfers who prefer a traditional grip feel. It’s generally best for golfers with smaller hands.


Slightly thicker than the Slim grip, the Mid-Slim is a good compromise between traditional and oversized grips. It’s suitable for golfers who want a bit more grip size without going fully oversized.


The Mid size is a popular choice for many golfers. It provides a balance between feel and grip size, and it’s suitable for a wide range of hand sizes.


As the name suggests, this size is thicker than the Mid grip and provides a more pronounced oversized feel. It’s often chosen by golfers who want maximum stability and reduced wrist movement in their putting stroke.


The Flatso grip is characterized by its flat front and wide, rounded back. It’s designed to promote a more consistent hand position and is favored by golfers who struggle with grip alignment.

XL (Extra Large)

This is one of the thickest sizes SuperStroke offers, providing the most oversized feel. It’s suitable for golfers who want an extreme amount of grip to reduce wrist action.

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What are the benefits of SuperStroke putter grips?

When choosing a SuperStroke putting grip, consider your personal preferences, hand size, and the type of feel you want in your putting stroke.

It’s also a good idea to try out different sizes before making a final decision, but some of the benefits will include:

Reduced Wrist Action: The non-tapered design of SuperStroke grips encourages a pendulum-like putting stroke, reducing excessive wrist movement and promoting a smoother roll of the ball.

Consistency: The larger size of SuperStroke grips helps golfers maintain a consistent grip pressure and hand position, leading to more consistent putting strokes.

Stability: The oversized grip can help stabilize the putter face throughout the stroke, resulting in straighter putts and better accuracy.

Comfort: Many golfers find SuperStroke grips more comfortable, especially during longer putting sessions, as the larger grip can reduce grip fatigue.

Alignment: Grips like the Flatso feature alignment aids that help golfers position their hands consistently, leading to better alignment and more accurate putts.