Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls Review

Titleist Tour Speed balls help add distance to your game

Titleist Tour Speed Balls

Titleist Tour Speed balls are the latest release from the leading golf ball manufacturer.

Titleist have spent years researching and developing scientific approaches to improve ball flight, length and softness, including robotic and human testing.

The Tour Speed is a multilayer ball offering benefits to feel and power as Titleist look to expand to the appeal for developing and established golfers in the mid-handicap market.

What Titleist say about the Tour Speed balls:

“The new Titleist Tour Speed is a multilayer, thermoplastic urethane covered golf ball providing exceptional distance in the long game and precise short game scoring control.

“Tour Speed provides the unique combination of exceptional distance in the long game and precise short game scoring control.

Titleist Tour Speed Balls

“Golfers can trust that when they tee up a Titleist, they are getting superior performance and quality versus the competition.

“Our golf ball scientists and engineers have gone to extraordinary lengths in the development of Tour Speed – testing numerous core formulations and aerodynamic patterns, while formulating and analysing hundreds of TPU cover blends – to deliver on that promise.”

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Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls Design & Features

The fast Ionomer Casing Layer and New High-Speed Core Formulation of the Tour Speed range has been designed to help improve distance and ball speed.

The multilayer design also helps create less spin from the driver clubface off the tee, increasing the overall distance from tee to fairway.

Titleist Tour Speed Balls

The multi-layered construction makes Tour Speed balls one of the fastest once airborne, providing that added distance to your game.

A 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design improves ball flight and helps add consistency to the trajectory from clubface connection.

The Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) cover gives Tour Speed balls a lightweight feel upon connection and helps to improve greenside spin when approaching from shorter distances.

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Verdict: Are Titleist Tour Speed Balls any good?

Tour Speed balls provide a unique blend of distance, softness and consistent ball flight that players will love.

Titleist Tour Speed Balls

The softness of the ball helps to improve player feel through the clubface and a true connection is rewarded with length, accuracy and consistency.

While the softness of the Tour Speed balls may not appeal to all players, those looking for distance from the tee and with irons will be hard pushed to find a better-quality ball on the market.


How much do Titleist Tour Speed balls cost?

The Tour Speed Golf balls cost between £35 and £40 for a pack of 12 balls.

What are the benefits of the Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls?

The design of these particular balls from Titleist benefit golfers looking for more distance from their game. The soft feel helps extract more distance from your game.

Is customisation available?

Yes, golfers can customise their pack of 12 balls with numbers from 1 to 4 and some sellers offer name printing too.