Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Review

Tour Softs feature the largest core of any Titleist ball

Titleist’s Tour Soft are an impressive mid-market ball.

Titleist Tour Soft Balls

Titleist Tour Soft golf balls are a great all-rounder that provides golfers with performance without the price tag of the manufacturer’s premium balls.

If Titleist ProV1 or Titleist AVX balls are out of your price range, the Tour Soft is a much more affordable alternative with a mid-price point in the golf ball sector.

The Tour Softs have a large core and offer soft feel and spin for your short game without sacrificing distance. They are available in white and yellow and now come with an alignment aid sight line.

What Titleist say about the Tour Soft balls:

“The all new Tour Soft golf ball delivers responsive soft feel, commanding distance, and excellent short game performance.

“New Titleist Tour Soft delivers real distance, real performance and real control, with a new alignment stamp to help you line up every putt more easily.

Titleist Tour Soft Ball

“The Tour Soft golf ball features the largest core Titleist has ever produced and is fast and long off of the tee.

“The large core dimensions require the high performance 4CE grafted cover to be very thin, increasing short game spin around the green.”

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Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Design & Feature

Tour Soft balls have been designed to fly high with impressive distance, while also offering plenty of spin around the greens.

The balls have a large core – the largest Titleist ever created, with this two-piece construction replacing the NXT and NXT Tour S in Titleist’s ball options.

Titleist Tour Soft Ball

The Tour Soft has a premium thin and soft urethane cover and a low compression of 60, making it one of the firmer “soft” balls on the markets to help maximise distance as well as control.

Titleist have opted for a new design on the cover with a 342 cuboctahedron dimple design featuring different sizes of dimples, helping produce a more piercing trajectory.

The outer cover, meanwhile, is a high performance 4CE grafted thin design to produce added spin on approach play.

The balls are available in both white and high optic yellow colour options and boasts a T sightline for improved alignment.

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Verdict: Are Titleist Tour Soft Balls any good?

Titleist Tour Soft offer impressive length off the tee and excellent control on the greens, making them an ideal all round option to add to the bag.

They offer a soft feel, high speed, eye-catching distance and outstanding short game performance. You can’t fault what this ball delivers.

If you want a soft-feeling ball that works well in all areas of the game and does not break the bank, this could well be the best choice for you.


How much do Titleist Tour Soft balls cost?

They are sold at around £29.99 / $40.00 per 12.

What is the Tour Soft compression?

The Tour Soft is a low compression ball with a compression of 60.

How many dimples are on a Tour Soft ball?

This ball features a 342 dimple pattern aimed at producing a piercing trajectory.