Titleist TSR1 Hybrids Review (GAME-Improving Newcomer for 2023)

The TSR1 are Titleist's first game-improving rescues.

The TSR1 rescues are designed for slower swing speeds.

Titleist TSR1 Hybrids

Titleist TSR1 hybrids are one of three models in the 2023 series and have been designed as game-improving options for golfers with slower swing speeds.

TSR1 rescues were an additional release after the TSR2 and TSR3 in the TSR series, arriving along with a new model of driver and fairway woods.

Titleist have moved into the game-improving area by launching the TSR1 range that has been designed for golfers with slower swing speeds.

How do they perform compared to the other two versions of the hybrids, what do they offer and are they suited to your game? We take a look.

What Titleist says about the TSR1 Hybrids:

“Bring more speed and stability to your hybrid game. For moderate swing speed players, TSR1 hybrids feature a larger profile head and an optimized, lightweight design that increases inertia without increasing swing weight.

“The new TSR1 hybrid head shape is slightly larger, offering more of the feel and performance of a fairway metal with the accuracy of a hybrid. The larger profile is more forgiving and inspires greater player confidence over the ball.

Titleist TSR1 Hybrids

“Through advanced modeling and player testing, TSR1 hybrids strike the perfect balance of lightweight feel and maximum inertia. It’s a breakthrough approach that leads to faster swing speeds and even faster ball speeds.

“TSR1 hybrids are equipped with longer fairway shafts that improve launch performance and clubhead speed.

“The higher balance point in these shafts is also instrumental in moving more weight into the head without increasing swing weight.”

Titleist TSR1 Hybrids

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Titleist TSR1 Hybrids Specs & Design

Titleist have made a first ever move into the game-improving area by launching the TSR1, a rescue club that has been designed for golfers with slower swing speeds.

The TSR1s have a larger head than the other models to inspire confidence, and have a lightweight construction with every ounce of unnecessary weight removed.

Titleist TSR1 Hybrid

The lightweight design of the clubs allow golfers with slower than average speeds to generate more ball speed and distance without swinging harder.

The hybrids also offer more forgiveness thanks to an optimised weight and MOI, which help higher-handicap golfers in their long game.

The TSR1 model is available in 20 degrees, 23 degrees, 26 degrees and 29 degrees and feature Titleist’s SureFit Adjustability hosel.

Titleist TSR1 Hybrids

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Verdict: Are TSR1 Hybrids any good?

Titleist’s TSR1 may have come later than the TSR2 and TSR3, but they are a very interesting addition to the market.

For the first time from Titleist, they offer a game-improving option and they inspire confidence and provide incredible forgiveness that higher handicap golfers crave.

Titleist TSR1 Hybrids

The hybrids play as good as they look and you can expect plenty of distance, accuracy and control from the TSR1 rescues this season.


What is the Titleist TSR1 hybrids release date?

The new Titleist rescues were unveiled in January 2023 and went on sale in February and March.

How much do Titleist TSR1 hybrids cost?

The price of the new hybrids is $315 / £259.

What are the Titleist TSR1 hybrids specs?

The TSR1 are available in 20 degrees, 23 degrees, 26 degrees and 29 degrees.