Titleist TSR Drivers Review

The new TSR drivers feature three models from Titleist

The new TSR drivers from Titleist have been revealed.

Titleist TSR Drivers

Titleist TSR drivers are new for 2022 as the leading manufacturer the latest models off the production line.

The TSR series features three drivers – the TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4 – will be the successors to the popular TSi range of drivers and TS2, TS3 and TS4 drivers. They are set to be released for sale later this year along with TSR fairway woods.

As has now become standard for Titleist, they have revealed the look of the new drivers ahead of them undergoing tour validation at the Travelers Championship on the PGA Tour.

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What Titleist says about the TSR Drivers:

“The new Titleist TSR drivers – the next generation of the most played drivers on the PGA TOUR – are making their worldwide debut at the Travelers Championship.

“The introduction of new TSR drivers, together with new TSR fairway metals, marks the start of the tour seeding and validation process for the upcoming Titleist metalwoods line.

“Collaborating with the game’s best players throughout the Research & Development process, and then earning their final validation, is critical to the development of all high-performance Titleist golf equipment.”

Titleist TSR Drivers

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Titleist TSR Drivers Design & Features

The look of the new TSRs have been revealed but little else from Titleist. We will be keeping you updated as soon as well know all of the specs and details.

What we can detect from the images released is that three models make up the series with the TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4 – just like the TSi range and before that the TS series.

The key difference between each of the models appears to be the back weights, which offer of degree of flexibility when it comes to setup options, as well as a slight aerodynamic change to the sole shape.

It is expected, as in previous ranges, that the TSR2 will be the most forgiving with mid to low spin levels off the tee.

Titleist TSR Drivers

The TSR3 looks to have the SureFit CG adjustable weight track that was in TSi3 and is expected to once again have a more compact head.

The TSR4 appears to break new ground with a weight in the rear port included in the new design compared to the TSi4. It is believed the weight will add to the stability of this low spin model.

Verdict: Are the Titleist TSR Drivers any good?

The TSR drivers certainly look good but the proof is in the pudding and any verdict on the new models will have to until the tour pros have completed the validation process.

What we can say at this stage is that the new drivers certainly do look the part. And the performance and specs details are eagerly awaited.


What is the Titleist TSR drivers release date?

There is no specific date revealed yet, but it is expected later in 2022 once the validation process has been completed.

What is the best Titleist TSR driver?

There are three models in the range with the TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4 all offering different setup options to suit the games of all golfers.

How much do Titleist TSR drivers cost?

The price of the new drivers has yet to be revealed by Titleist.