Titleist TSR Woods Review

Three models have been unveiled in the new TSR fairway woods series

The new TSR fairways feature three different woods models.

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Titleist TSR woods are new for 2022 with three models of the fairways undergoing a validation process ahead of the release for sale.

Titleist have become renowned for unveiling new products at Tour events to get feedback, and the TSR fairways are no different.

They feature through models – the TSR2, TSR2+ and the TSR3 – and will undergo tour validation at the Travelers Championship on the PGA Tour.

The TSR fairway woods are joined by three new models in the TSR drivers range, and will replace the TSi woods as the new elite performer from Titleist. They are set to be released for sale later this year.

What Titleist says about the TSR fairway woods

“The introduction of new TSR drivers, together with new TSR fairway metals, marks the start of the tour seeding and validation process for the upcoming Titleist metalwoods line.

“Collaborating with the game’s best players throughout the Research & Development process, and then earning their final validation, is critical to the development of all high-performance Titleist golf equipment.”

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Titleist TSR Woods Design & Features

There has been little given away about the look and features of the TSR fairway woods, other than revealing that they will go through Titleist’s traditional validation process.

We will be keeping you updated as soon as well know all of the specs and details of the new fairway woods.

From the images released we can see that there are three models making up the series with the TSR2, TSR2+ and the TSR3 woods in the new 2022 design.

The TSR2 appears to be standard model to replace the TSi2. It features one adjustable, sliding weight on the sole to allow customisation and significantly it has been moved forward compared to its predecessor, while it also boasts an adjustable hosel.

The TSR2+ is the new addition with a larger head than the TSR2 and significantly is a 13 degree loft when set to neutral – making it the strongest of the options. Again there is an adjustable hosel for customisation.

The TSR3 looks to have a more compact head than the other two models, just as the TSR3 does in the drivers. A five-way adjustable sliding weight allows for the setup to be heel, toe or neutral.

Verdict: Are the Titleist TSR Woods any good?

The TSR woods appear to carry through the impressive look of the new TSR drivers and are sure to be a big hit with golfers.

The three options offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to appeal and the new TSR2+ is an interesting addition as an almost secondary driver given the loft.

We are eagerly awaiting more information to come out about the TSR fairway and the opportunity to test them after the validation process is completed.


What is the Titleist TSR fairway woods release date?

There is no specific date revealed yet, but it is expected later in 2022 once the validation process has been completed.

What are the best Titleist TSR woods?

There are three models in the range with the TSR2, TSR2+ and TSR3 all offering different setup options to suit the games of all golfers.

How much do Titleist TSR fairways cost?

The price of the new drivers has yet to be revealed by Titleist.