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Home » Titleist TSR Hybrids Review (3 NEW Models for 2023)

Titleist TSR Hybrids Review (3 NEW Models for 2023)

Titleist TSR Hybrids

Titleist TSR hybrids have been unveiled with two new models – the TSR2 and TSR3 – launched for 2023. How do they rate vs the TSi rescues?

Joining the new TSR drivers and TSR fairway woods, the two TSR utility clubs are the upgraded versions of the hugely popular TSi series that debuted back in 2022.

Titleist have worked on extracting even more performance from the hybrids by reshaping the club head, lowering the CG and increasing the MOI and forgiveness.

How do the TSR hybrids perform? In this article we take a look at the changes made to the design and what they help bring out in performance.

What Titleist says about the TSR hybrids:

“Versatility is the name of the modern game, and TSR Hybrids bring incredible playing power and precise gapping options to the bag.

“Choose from two models, each one designed to suit specific players’ needs and transition seamlessly from TSR Metals.

“Every improvement to the TSR2 Hybrid – from the extended blade length to the deeper CG to the refined sole shape – is designed to make it an even more forgiving, faster feeling, long-distance performer ready to come through in the clutch.

Titleist TSR Hybrids

“By pushing the CG deeper while keeping it low, Titleist engineers can increase inertia without impacting launch dynamics. This leads to a more forgiving hybrid that still launches fast and easy.

“TSR3 Hybrids feature a new player-refined shape, more precise adjustability and better interaction through both short and longer grasses to give you more control over every result.

“TSR3 hybrids feature a profile inspired by popular predecessors to promote confidence from the start. A slight reduction in offset helps complete the players look.”

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TSR2 Hybrids Specs & Design

The new TSR2 has been given a makeover from the previous TSi version with an extended blade length the key design element.

The new shaping has moved the sweet spot further from the shaft, which has meant more flex in the face to increase the ball speeds.

Titleist TSR2 Hybrids

The longer club head has allowed Titleist to move the centre of gravity deeper and lower in this hybrid for more forgiveness, more ball speed and more distance.

The TSR2 rescues have a more refined sole shape, featuring new relief pockets, for better turf interaction and ball striking.

The hybrids come with Titleist’s SureFit Adjustability hosel allowing for customisation from the available lofts of 18 degrees, 21 degrees and 24 degrees.

TSR3 Hybrids Specs & Design

The TSR3 hybrids have been given a more refined shape with a tour-inspired profile catering for precise control and workability that better players look for.

The rescues also have slight reduction in offset from previous versions to enhance the players-preferred look, and the body is more stable and has a higher inertia to increase the forgiveness on offer.

With an improved five-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System, the TSR3 offers everything needed to create the perfect setup for gapping between fairway woods and irons.

Titleist TSR3 Hybrids

Each setting shift adjusts the center of gravity for the perfect balance, launch angle and amount of forgiveness.

Like the TSR2, this model features the new sole design with relief pockets. With less turf interaction, the hybrids have been designed to produce pure ball striking whether used from the fairway, rough or tee box.

The TSR3 model is available in 19 degrees, 21 degrees and 24 degrees.

TSR1 Hybrids Specs & Design

The TSR1 rescues were an additional release after the TSR2 and TSR3, arriving along with a new model of driver and fairway woods.

Titleist have moved into the game-improving area by launching the TSR1 range that has been designed for golfers with slower swing speeds.

They have a larger head than the other models to inspire confidence, and have a lightweight construction with every ounce of unnecessary weight removed.

Titleist TSR1 Hybrid

As a result, they allow golfers with slower than average speeds to generate more ball speed and distance without swinging harder. They also offer more forgiveness to help higher-handicap golfers in their long game.

The TSR1 model is available in 20 degrees, 23 degrees, 26 degrees and 29 degrees and feature Titleist’s SureFit Adjustability hosel.

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Verdict: Are the TSR Hybrids any good?

Titleist’s TSi hybrids were top performers and the new TSR range is equally impressive – if not better.

The design tweaks made, making the clubhead longer, more forgiving and more precise, really help eek out added distance from the fairway, rough or even the tee box.

For the first time, there is a game-improving version with the TSR1 model a first foray into that sector of the market for Titleist.

Already a thing of beauty to look at, the hybrids play as good as they look. Expect the TSR hybrids to be a top seller in 2023.


What is the Titleist TSR hybrids release date?

The new Titleist rescues were unveiled in January 2023 and went on sale in February and March.

How much do Titleist TSR hybrids cost?

The price of the new hybrids is $315 / £259.

What are the Titleist TSR hybrids specs?

The TSR2 rescues are available in 18 degrees, 21 degrees and 24 degrees. The TSR3 model is available is 19 degrees, 21 degrees and 24 degrees. The TSR1 was an additional model added and is available in 20 degrees, 23 degrees, 26 degrees and 29 degrees.