Wilson Dynapower Drivers Review (NEW 2023 Release)

Two models are available in the new Dynapower series - a Carbon model and Titanium model

A carbon and titanium version of the new Dynapower drivers are available.

Wilson Dynapower Drivers

Wilson Dynapower drivers have been unveiled with two options new for 2023 with the launch of both carbon and titanium versions. Are they any good?

Wilson have brought back the famous Dynapower range that first debuted back in 1956 with the two driver models joined by fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

An intriguing route has been taken by Wilson with the creation of a carbon crown driver for ultimate workability and distance, and a titanium equivalent offering more forgiveness and a consistent ball flight.

We take a look at what the two drivers offer, how the carbon vs titanium differs and the types of golfers each one will suit. Get the complete guide below.

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What Wilson says about the 2023 Dynapower driver:

“Dynapower changed the game of golf seven decades ago and it’s time for Wilson to do it again.

“These powerful adjustable drivers are built with our legendary history in mind as we continue to innovate and deliver top-of-the-line products that raise the confidence of golfers at all skill levels.

Wilson Dynapower Drivers

Our technology is second-to-none and we’re extremely proud of this new line of Dynapower products.

“Two new Dynapower drivers are available in two high performance options, Carbon or Titanium, each offering thousands of custom fit settings that allow you to dial in your best performance.

“Neutral bias and mid-launch ball flight for ultimate workability and distance in the Carbon driver.

“Neutral-to-draw bias for mid-to-high launch maximises forgiveness for straight, consistent flight in the Titanium driver.”

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Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver Specs & Design

One of two options in the range, the Carbon Dynapower driver has a mid-launch trajectory and is the more standard performing.

The set up of the carbon driver is neutral and designed to offer maximum workability whether you are looking to fade, draw or launch long, straight drives.

Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver

Aimed at the better players, the Dynampower face has been AI-designed with varying thickness and a high MOI for maximum forgiveness even on off-center ball strikes.

The driver features a 16-gram rear weight to also help increase the MOI, provide a ideal launch angle and a deep centre of gravity at rear of the club head.

The carbon model is available in 8 degrees, 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees lofts and features a new six-way adjustable hosel to change the lofts.

Wilson Dynapower Titanium Driver Specs & Design

The Titanium model of the Dynapower driver is designed to help golfers eradicate a left-to-right distance-sapping fade or slice.

This version is the neutral-to-draw bias version that can help straighten out shots and produce consistent drives that find fairways with greater frequency.

Wilson Dynapower Titanium Driver

The titanium model boasts a mid-to-high launch angle – a higher trajectory than the carbon version – and it is more forgiving of the two.

The face on this driver is also AI-designed with different thickness for a more forgiving performer, while a 16-gram rear weight and deep CG adds to the forgiveness on offer.

The titanium driver is available in 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 13 degrees and features the new six-way adjustable hosel to change the lofts.

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Verdict: Are Wilson Dynapower Drivers any good?

Wilson have broken new ground by introducing both carbon and titanium versions of the same Dynapower drivers to serve the needs of all types of golfers.

The carbon driver is impressively long, while the titanium option is ideal when it comes to forgiveness and if you are looking to straighten out a slice or fade.

The new six-way adjustable hosel makes the drivers more adaptable than ever before, and Wilson have come up with it is arguably their best driver yet.


What is the Wilson Dynapower drivers release date?

The drivers were launched in January 2023 and will be available pre-order in February and on general sale in March.

How much do the Wilson Dynapower drivers cost?

The Dynapower Titanium driver is priced at $429.99, while the Carbon driver costs $499.99.

What are the Wilson Dynapower drivers specs?

The carbon model is available in 8 degrees, 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees lofts. The titanium driver is available in 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 13 degrees.

Both drivers feature the new six-way adjustable hosel to change the lofts.