Wilson Launch Pad Driver (SLICE Curing Driver)

The Launch Pad drivers is new for 2022 from Wilson

The new Wilson Launch Pad driver can help eliminate a slice.

Wilson Launch Pad Driver

The Wilson Launch Pad driver is new for 2022 and has been designed to help eradicate a slice from your game.

Wilson promise higher swing speed, increased distance, a higher launch angle and straighter drives to find more fairways that with your current driver.

It is the heel weighting in the lightweight club head that helps produce the benefits that will stop you slicing from the tee if adding the Launch Pad driver to your bag this year.

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What Wilson say about the Launch Pad driver:

“The Wilson Staff Launch Pad driver is packed with features like a super lightweight design, moderate hosel offset and our Variable Face technology.

“The result is a driver that delivers high swing speeds, incredible distance, straighter drives and high launch angles with every swing.

Wilson Launch Pad Driver

“The Launch Pad driver is designed to solve golf’s most frustrating problem—the dreaded slice off the tee.

“This innovative tech is built into the Launch Pad head and delivers high ball speeds and high launch angles, regardless of where on the face they make contact.

“Lightweight components including the head, shaft and grip result in an effortless increase in club head speed for greater launch angles and distance.”

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Wilson Launch Pad Driver Design & Features

The Launch Pad driver has been designed as a anti-slice option to help eliminate the left to right shot shape from the tee.

Wilson have come up with a moderate hosel offset and positioned 13g of weight in the heel to produce an upright lie angle that helps get rid of the slice.

Wilson Launch Pad Driver

The lightweight crown and club head helps increase ball speed, while Wilson’s innovative Variable Face technology helps generate a higher ball flight and straighter shots with added distance regardless of whether they come out of the centre or not.

Wilson have also made weight savings from the graphite shaft and by incorporating a Lamkin light weight grip to further help the club head and ball speeds.

The Launch Pad driver is only available in 10.5 degree and does not come with an adjustable hosel.

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Verdict: Is the Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver any good?

The Launch Pad is an exciting new addition to the market for 2022 and one that slicers of the ball will love.

Everything about Wilson’s design has been to help straighten the dreaded slice, with weight savings, the club head design and the positioning of the weights all about generating straighter ball flights.

Wilson Launch Pad Driver

The end results is distance gains, straighter drives from the tee and more fairways found to help you make more pars and birdies than previous.


When was the Wilson Launch Pad driver released?

The new Wilson driver was available to buy from February 2022.

How much does the Wilson Launch Pad driver cost?

The Launch Pad is retailing at £269 / £340 for the driver.

What are the Launch Pad driver specs?

The Launch Pad driver is only available in 10.5 degrees lofts. There is no adjustability with this driver.