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Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls Review

Wilson Staff Duo

Wilson Staff Duo balls combine impressive performance for all levels of golfers and retails at an affordable price.

The Duo range features three models: the Professional, which is the Tour-level ball, the Soft, Soft+ and Soft Spin, which are the softest of the trio, and the Optix, a series of bright coloured ball.

The balls have been designed to maximise distance, yet still offer the softness and playability that other most expensive balls on the mark.

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Wilson Duo Professional Ball Review

The pick of the Duo range, professional is the Tour-level entry. Despite only being a 2-layer ball, the cast urethane cover ensures the end result in terms of performance is impressive.

Wilson Staff Duo Pro

Featuring a 362 dimple pattern, the Wilson Duo Pro boasts a low 60 compression and a mid-hardness ionomer mantle for feel and control with short irons.

The Pro, according to Wilson, offers “just as much distance performance as a competitive 3-piece ball and 6% more iron spin, for a Tour-level performance”.

Wilson Duo Soft Ball Review

The Duo Soft ball comes in two options: the Soft, Soft+ and the Soft Spin Both are ultra low compression and provide incredible distance for a soft ball.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft

The Wilson Duo soft golf ball has a compression of just 29, making it the world’s softest distance ball.

The Wilson Duo Soft+ balls are a slightly firmer option with a 35 compression rating. The Soft+ replaced the DX2 Soft in Wilson’s range of balls and is billed as the “world’s softest and longest” ball. The Soft+ features what Wilson call Volicitator technology to provide distance.

The Wilson Duo Soft Spin is the firmest of the trio, but at 40 the compression is still very low. It is the only 3-layer option in the range and provides less spin from the driver, but more around the greens and from your short game.

Wilson Duo Optix Ball Review

The Optix ball is Wilson coloured series with bright yellow, green, orange, red and pink options.

Wilson have reduce the size of the core in the Optix, and enhanced the finish of the matte cover to extract more distance than in previous versions of the ball.

Wilson Staff Duo Optix

The Optix is low-compression, like the other balls in the Wilson Duo range, and offers a soft responsive ball thanks to the high resilience polybutadiene core.

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