Wilson Triad Golf Balls Review

Wilson's new Triad balls are designed with a core structure that promotes a straight flight.

Triad balls have been launched to target mid-handicap golfers.

Wilson Triad Golf Balls

The Wilson Triad golf balls have been released with the aim of helping mid-handicap golfers to break 80. Do they work?

Typically balls are aimed at mass market, but not the Triads from Wilson. They are being targeted specifically at golfers looking to finally post a round in the 70s.

Wilson have designed the Triad balls to fly straighter and to find more fairways – something they believe is key to bringing a gross score closer to par.

What Wilson says about Triad balls:

“We are very excited to introduce this innovative golf ball for a growing community of competitive players who want to take their game to the next level.

“The competitive golfer striving to break 80 is who Wilson Labs had in mind while engineering the T3 Technology of Triad, allowing for pinpoint accuracy from anywhere on the course.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

“Triad delivers powerful, precision performance that helps you find more fairways, attack more pins and sink more putts.

“Triad is engineered for long, stable flight, tenacious control on approach shots and pinpoint accuracy on the green.

“Triad’s high MOI design moves weight from the core to the outer layers of the golf ball resulting in faster ball speed and lower driver spin for a more stable ball flight and more fairways hit.”

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Wilson Triad Golf Balls Design & Features

The Triad balls are a premium soft-feeling three-layer construction with a urethane cover, and are aimed directly to mid-handicap golfers.

By producing a ball with a high MOI, Wilson have moved weight to the outer from the core to produce fast ball speeds for maximum distance off the tee.

Wilson Triad Golf Balls

The Triad balls have patented Tri-Balanced construction with each layer having the same material density. The ball effectively performs like a one-piece model.

The weighting structure of the Triad balls help produce an incredibly stable ball flight with minimal spin to find more fairways and squeeze out added yardage.

The cover on the Triad golf balls is urethane but ultra thin in this model. They have more club face interaction for an ideal ball flight and generate greenside spin to really attack pins more often.

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Verdict: Are Wilson Triad golf balls any good?

First things first, the Triad balls aren’t trying to enter the market and rival the likes of the Titleist Pro V1 or TaylorMade TP5 balls as elite tour level performers.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

The Triads enter with a specific selling point – to help mid-handicap golfers find more fairways and help get them into shooting below 80 for the first time or regularly.

The performance is good, the design cleverly thought out to avoid excessive side spin and travel straighter time after time. The only negative is the price point is a little excessive for the type of golfers targeted.


How much do Wilson Triad golf balls cost?

The new 2022 balls are priced at £39 / €45 / $53 per dozen. They are available from February 2022.

What is the compression of the Wilson Triad balls?

The Triads have a soft feel with the three-piece ball having a compression of 85.