Wish To Play Golf? Here’s What You Should Know Before Starting

Top tips to get your started when you take up golf

Looking to take up golf? Here’s what you need to know.

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Thinking of take it up and wish to play golf? The idea of playing golf is great, but if you haven’t played it before it might seem difficult to adapt to this game.

So what will you do? Giving up on playing golf before you get the hang of it is not the way to go.

Therefore, to keep your life stress-free, we have come up with a complete guide about what you should know to play golf.

Learn The Posture Of Playing

While you look to play the game, the most necessary thing is the execution. So how you position yourself over the ball greatly impacts how well you can hit it.

First, hold a club against your thighs as you stand to prepare your posture for action properly. Then, slant your hips forward while slightly flexing your knees.

Your arms will hang straight down if you accomplish this without arching your back. Next, check that the handle is roughly at a 45-degree angle to your forearm as you hold it in your gloved hand.

Add the other hand after securing the object with your gloved hand. Congrats! You are in the ideal setup position.

Don’t forget to learn the game by watching tour professionals playing.

Work On The Swing

New players often miss the ball due to the wrong swing pattern. For example, if you slice, you probably won’t close the clubface quickly enough through the hitting zone.

So do practice swings with your hands spread apart on the grip to enhance your ability to deliver a square clubface.

Slide your lower hand down to the point where the grip and shaft of the club meet while holding it in the specific position with your gloved hand.

It is simpler to square the face through contact and maintain the handles pointing at your belly button as the clubhead slings out toward the ball when your hands are spread apart.

Make careful to give the grass a vigorous brush. You’ll be rich if you can duplicate the drill’s sensations on actual swings.

Be Careful About The Equipment

Being a beginner, you might not be much conscious about the golf equipment you are using. But that shouldn’t be how you are supposed to approach the game.

Instead, wearing proper shoes and comfortable clothes and carrying your personal clubs is the right approach to playing golf.

Moreover, you will carry more than one club to play different shots, so you should get a useful disc golf cart bag.

The old fashion shoulder bags for clubs are not recommended as a lot of undue labor is associated with them.

Keep yourself fresh and ensure to focus on the game rather than carrying weight on your shoulders.

Try To Put Impetus In Shots

Your swing’s beginning is where speed begins. The secret to producing ball speed is creating breadth in your takeaway, regardless of whether you can whip it at 80 mph or 120 mph or more.

It’s been observed that amateur golfers find it difficult to make a complete turn or rotation. That issue arises during takeout.

Several golfers just take their driver in hand and turn their shoulders. Maximum width must be created in order to generate maximum speed. Try pulling the club back almost as far as you can to get that width.

Your body will naturally desire to turn with you. By doing this, you’ll accelerate as you descend from the summit.

Improve Driving With Continuity

Although accuracy and distance are the ultimate goals, when you look to improve your game in the shortest time, you should focus on the distance, as long shorts are the toughest.

Extending your arms through impact would be best to master both aspects completely.

To achieve it in the minimum duration, you should do this, set up a tee and place a second, 45-degree-angled tee six inches outside the first.

The first tee is where you want to hit the ball and swing the clubhead over the second. By doing this, you will inevitably land in all the appropriate power positions.

Practice Different Shots

Once you become confident in playing basic shots, you should look to add more to your game by practicing different shots.

Consider that the club head is attached to a whip. Therefore, you must snap your wrists and hands during the strike without overswinging your shoulders if you want the whip to snap at the bottom of your swing.

The secret is to deliberately cause the ribbon’s end to break at the base of your swing arc. This exercise is an excellent method to focus on accelerating your clubhead speed rather than on hitting balls.

These tactics are great for learning the game and improving your skills.


Indeed, it won’t feel that difficult after knowing the basics of playing golf because anything can be achieved once you try it.

So make your leisure time count and engage yourself in this fantastic activity.