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Zebra Putters Review

Zebra Putters

The iconic Zebra Putters are back with the brand brought back to life after more than 20 years. Four putters have been launched in the new Zebra putters range.

A popular winning putter on tour in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, the Zebra name has been snapped up by UK-based Golf Brands Inc. and four new putters designed for 2022.

With a familiar look to the putters that helped Ray Floyd win the 1976 Masters and Nick Price win The Open in 1994, the new Zebra Putters feature the AIT1, AIT2, AIT3 and AIT4 models in the 2022 relaunch.

Zebra Putters History

Zebra Putters were first launched in 1976 as one of the first mallet shaped designs that are now so popular.

The designers at the time created putters with an unusual adjustable weight system to suit golfers’ needs and incorporated a unique black-and-white stripe alignment aid (where the zebra name comes from).

Ray Floyd had a Zebra in the bag when winning the Masters in 1976, and Nick Price also used a flat stick to win the 1994 Open Championship at Turnberry.

After several decades out of the limelight, Zebra has been relaunched under the new ownership of Golf Brands Inc.

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What Zebra says about the new 2022 putters:

“Two years in the making, and with design input from some of the most experienced putter designers in the business, the latest models to carry the iconic Zebra name have been reinvented for the 21st century with high quality components and performance-enhancing design elements.

“Integral to the relaunch has been Austie Rollinson, Odyssey’s long-serving putter guru, who consulted on the designs with the aim of creating the ideal balance between alignment, forgiveness, weighting, feel, and roll to help all golfers putt their best.

“What we strived for with the new range was to maintain the classic look so that when you pick up the putter you know straight away that it is a Zebra, then we used all the latest technology and design available to make it perform at the highest level.

Zebra Putters

“Working with Austie we created a range that looks like a Zebra putter should and offers the golfer a choice of head shapes that provide a blend of all the key performance categories.

“Leveraging all of Zebra’s impressive design heritage, including the Major-winning striped alignment system, the new range features four modern head shapes, including a rounded mallet (AIT 1), a fang (AIT 2), high-MOI flange (AIT 3), and a wide-bodied blade (AIT 4), to suit every putting stroke and every type of golfer.”

Zebra Putters Design & Features

The new Zebra Putters for 2022 all carry the name AIT, which is born out of the key design element.

Each of the four new putters has been rigorously tested using computer-generated Artificial Intelligence Technology (AIT) to create the perfect design.

The AIT has been used to hone the impact of the face insert, which is grooved to create maximum top spin and forward roll, craft the perfect mallet head shape and get the MOI and CG on point for perfect performance across the range.

Each model has the unique zebra alignment lines on the putter head, as well as adjustable weighting technology with options to swap to 10g, 15g or 20g to create a heavy head.

All four models are also fitted with KBS Stable Stepped Shafts and a Winn VSN midsized pistol grip.

Zebra AIT 1 Putter Review

Zebra AIT1 Putter

The AIT1 is a rounded mallet and largely based on the original Zebra design that was first launched in the 1970s.

The face-balanced putter has an oversized head which helps increase the MOI and add maximum forgiveness on the putting greens.

The AIT #1 putter has a horseshoe-shaped plate on the sole of the putter to help lower the CG.

Weighted at 355g as standard, the putter features two 15g weights in the toe and heel. Those can be swapped for heavy weights if you prefer more stability.

The AIT1 is available in 33-inch, 34-inch and 35-inch lengths, has a 0.75-inch offset and is sold in right and left-hand models.

Zebra AIT2 Putter Review

Zebra AIT2 Putter

The #2 model in the series is the fang design and a new addition in the 2022 range.

Zebra have used the fangs to move weight to the perimeter of this putter and increase MOI significantly for the more stable of club heads across any distance.

This putter also weighs 355g but is adjustable via the sole weights, while it comes in 33-inch, 34-inch and 35-inch lengths, has a 0.75-inch offset and is sold in right and left-hand models.

Zebra AIT3 Putter Review

Zebra AIT3 Putter

The AIT 3 putter is described as being a high-MOI flange model with forgiveness in bucketloads to help you hole more putts.

It is a modern mallet in design and features a hollow centre.

The #3 putter has four weight ports on the sole of the head and R&D has resulted in them being placed forward and on the outer edges to increased the MOI.

The end result in a supremely balance club head that stays squarer throughout the ball strike.

The most expensive of the four options, the AIT3 weighs 355g, comes in 33-inch, 34-inch and 35-inch lengths, has a 0.75-inch offset and is sold in right and left-hand models.

Zebra AIT4 Putter Review

Zebra AIT4 Putter

The AIT 4 putter is a wide-bodied blade and the most traditional of the four models, making it appeal to a wide range of golfers.

The putter is heel-toe weighted and offers the forgiveness associated with mallets, but in a pleasing on the eye blade shape.

Weighing 350g, the lighter putter head has allowed weight to be moved into the toe and heel for an incredibly balanced options.

The AIT4 has a full offset and 25-degree toe hang, comes in 33-inch, 34-inch and 35-inch lengths and is available right-hand and left-hand options.


What is the Zebra Putters release date?

They are available now in the UK only.

How much do Zebra Putters cost?

The putters vary in price. The AIT1 and AIT2 models retail at £179.99, the AIT3 is priced at £199.99 and the AIT4 is the cheapest at £159.99.

Which is the best Zebra putter?

They are all stylish and impressive mallets that cater for different preferences over style and size of putter head. You can expect the same performance whichever you purchase. The putters have adjustable weights to all customisability to suit your requirements.

Do the Zebra putters come with a warranty?

Yes. They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.