Mizuno RB Tour X Golf Balls Review (NEW Design for 2023)

Mizuno's RB Tour X are new for 2023 and feature a 272 dimple pattern

The RB Tour X balls have been re-released for 2023.

Mizuno RB Tour X Ball

The Mizuno RB Tour X golf balls have been re-released for 2023 with a new design for the model. How do they rate compared to the RB Tour?

The RB Tour X has a new design after being given a makeover along with the RB Tour for 2023. Both models are set for a big impression with the X the firmer of the duo.

The new model features a reduced 272 dimples pattern, has a soft three-layer design with a urethane cover and has improved spin levels for high impact on your short game and a low rate from the driver.

In this article we take a look at what is different with the 2023 RB Tour X, how it differs from the RB Tour and which type of golfers it suits.

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What Mizuno say about the RB Tour ball:

“After 99 prototypes and the most exhaustive testing we’ve put a Mizuno ball through, we created the perfect duo for our next generation of tour players.

“Lower spinning and efficient from the driver with an AXIALFLOW dimple that creates a high launch from the driver and a flatter flight from the short irons.

“The ultimate difference with the new RB Tour X has been the time spent working on the prototypes – 3 years of player, robot and greenside feedback across every possible performance attribute.

Mizuno RB Tour X Golf Balls

“On full shots, the new dimple generates a higher driver flight and flatter wedge flight, when compared to other tour-level balls.

“A larger, more defined dimple creates a more precise outline and visual effect preferred by the majority of our testers.

“A soft feel is always expected from Mizuno – but the new cover was tested for over three years to ensure its durability is equally satisfying for the ideal balance of construction, compression, dimple configuration and cover.”

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Mizuno RB Tour X Golf Balls Design & Features

The RB Tour X ball has been given a makeover for 2023 following three years of development and research from Mizuno.

The composition remains a three-layer model with a soft feel from the urethane cover. It has a slightly firmer feel than the new RB Tour model.

Mizuno RB Tour X Golf Balls

There are a number of key changes implemented in the latest design, the most significant being a switch to 272 in the outer cover and the AXIALFLOW aerodynamics.

Mizuno’s three-year testing has resulted in a ball that is low to mid spinning from the driver and woods and maximum spin in your short game.

Mizuno RB Tour X Ball

While the RB Tour delivers a low trajectory, you can expect a mid ball flight from the RB Tour X.

The RB Tour is only available in white colour option at present.

Verdict: Is the 2023 Mizuno RB Tour X golf ball any good?

The new RB Tour X has some interesting alterations made from the previous versions of this model and it now delivers all-round performance.

Low spinning in the low game and high spinning around the greens, you can expect added distance in your game and more control.

Sitting in the mid-to-upper end of the golf ball market, the RB Tour X is the ideal choice if you like a solid and durable performer at a lower price point than the likes of the ProV1 or TP5.

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What is the Mizuno RB Tour X golf balls release date?

The new balls were unveiled in late 2022 and went on sale early in February 2023.

How much do Mizuno RB Tour X balls cost?

A 12-pack of golf balls costs $40 / £34.

What is the Mizuno RB Tour X golf balls compression?

The compression of the 2023 RB Tour X ball has a compression of around 100, slightly firmer than the RB Tour.