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Home » A Major Dilemma – LIV Golf & The Majors (What HAPPENS Next?)

A Major Dilemma – LIV Golf & The Majors (What HAPPENS Next?)

Augusta National The Masters

The golf world is waiting for the major venues to plot their course regarding the LIV golfers. How will the LIV Golf and The Majors debate play out?

Few are without an opinion. The Royal and Ancient have already weighed in and will let the world rankings and their current protocols play out when it comes to the Open Championship.

Probably a good template for the others.

I think the world rankings and no television contract will ultimately end the LIV experiment. If LIV events continue to fall outside the world rankings, qualifying for the majors will be difficult.

And absent a TV contract, I doubt that even the dark money in the middle-east won’t tire of an enormous investment with no return.

Does anyone really want to watch some guys play 54-hole events with a field of past-their-primers, (I can watch the champions tour for that), mid-level newcomers, and a couple of great young players, wearied of the gruelling regimen of world class competition?

So, my advice to the majors is not to change your protocols but to insist on the world rankings as your benchmark. Eventually, the opportunities for the best players will be evident.

World class athletes in all sports are motivated to compete with the best. The next crop of young talent will realize that the path to the “major leagues” must go through the PGA Tour, whether they like it or not. And the money’s not bad, either.

Jack Nicklaus drove from tournament to tournament with his wife, a new baby and a carton of diapers in the trunk next to his golf clubs, earning (as leading money winner at the time) $100,000 a year.

The current tour player travels in a private plane with a swing coach, mental coach, investment advisor, chef and a private secretary.

The leading money winner this year, Scottie Scheffler earned $14.5 million, not including endorsements, perks etc. It’s hard to know what’s enough these days.