Callaway Magna Balls Review

The Magna ball is a new oversized design from Callaway

Callaway Magna Ball

The Callaway Magna balls are a unique new addition and one that takes things to a different level…with the ball being the first oversized design to be launched.

Different to other Callaway balls due to the fact that the Magna Supersoft diameter is 1.732 inches, bigger than any other ball which stand at 1.68 inches. The only rule when it comes to golf balls is that they can’t be smaller than that 1.68 inch rule.

Callaway market the Magna as being “Super Long, Super Soft, Super Easy To Hit” and are targeting it at newcomers and junior players rather than Tour stars or lower handicap golfers.

What Callaway say about the Magna balls:

“Callaway Supersoft Magna is an oversized golf ball with a super easy-to-hit construction for increased distance and high, consistent launch.

“Magna is larger, yes larger, than a standard golf ball while still conforming to the rules of golf. Its higher center of gravity and high MOI allow golfers, especially developing golfers and slow swing speed players, to make better contact on the club face to promote more consistent shots with high launch.

“The proven Supersoft low compression core promotes faster ball speed and low spin for longer, straighter flight on full shots.

“Newly designed HEX Aerodynamics for this oversized ball are optimized to promote a lower spin rate, to reduce drag and enhance lift for increased carry, higher flight and longer distance.

“A Soft Trionomer cover formulation for shot-stopping wedge spin and great feel.”

Callaway Magna Ball

Callaway Magna Balls Design

The Callaway Supersoft Magna golf ball, to give its full brand name, is oversized and bigger than anything else on the market. But why have Callaway opted to make such a move?

The idea behind the Magna ball, which conforms to USGA Rules of Golf despite being oversized, at junior golfers, beginners and players seeking to develop more consistent ball striking.

The Magna has largely been designed based on the Supersoft, but the higher centre of gravity makes it is easier to launch and the increase in size means it easier to strike from centre of the face.

The higher centre of gravity and size means the Magna is best suited to golfers with slower swing speeds, and the design helps easier launch to help increase ball flight and distance.

Callaway Magna Ball

The HEX design, and the low-compression core also used in the Supersoft, ensures that spin levels are kept to a minimum and impact on the distance is not impacted.

The Callaway Magna is available in both white and yellow colours and sits at the low end of the price spectrum for golf balls released by leading manufacturers.

Callaway Magna Balls Verdict

Callaway might be on to something with the launch of an oversized golf ball, but the Magna will divide opinion and certainly won’t be attracting the better players.

It is designed for newcomers and younger players, and the confidence-boosting factor that standing over the oversized ball brings.

Callaway have worked hard to ensure that the drag of the larger ball doesn’t impact on distance, and the price means that it really is a good starting point for new golfers.

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