Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges Review (PERFORMANCE & Forgiveness)

The CBX Zipcores are a forgiving wedge from Cleveland

The CBX Zipcore wedges replace the CBX 2 design.

Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges

Cleveland CBX Zipcore wedges have been launched as a forgiving option for golfers who struggle for consistency in their short game.

While the RTX 6 Zipcore wedges remain Cleveland’s elite model and in the bag of tour stars such as Brooks Koepka and Shane Lowry, the CBX is a much better option for mid-to-high handicap golfers.

That’s because they have been designed with a cavity back to help lower the center of gravity, increase the MOI and forgiveness and with a low density core and toe side weighting.

We take a look at how each of the design elements benefit your game and how the CBX Zipcore wedges can help improve your approach play.

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What Cleveland says about the CBX Zipcore wedges:

“CBX ZipCore delivers the perfect blend of performance and forgiveness for players that never apologize for stepping up their short game.

“A lightweight, low-density core sits at the heart of the club. While reducing vibrations and perfecting center of gravity, it also boosts MOI for improved forgiveness on every shot.

Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges

“Weight in the toe with a hollow chamber near the heel makes a better, more balanced wedge that’s forgiving no matter where you strike the face.

“Sharper, deeper, and closer together, UltiZip Grooves are more efficient at channeling debris and maximizing spin. Plus, there’s two extra grooves per face for more groove contact across the board.”

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Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges Specs & Design

Golfers looking for more forgiveness out of their wedge play without sacrificing accuracy or distance should consider the Cleveland CBX Zipcore wedge.

Featuring a hollow cavity design, what separates the CBX Zipcore from other wedges on the market is a low-density core that sits next to the hosel.

Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges

The purpose of this hollow chamber in the heel and weight placement towards the toe is to boost MOI, maximise forgiveness and provide a better center of gravity.

The end result of the design is to ensure consistent ball striking from across the face and prevent mis-hits from around the green.

The CBX wedge also works exceptionally well out of the sand as a result of the core, along with providing a great amount of forgiveness hitting shots out of bad lies.

Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges

Cleveland have added sharper and deeper UltiZip grooves and also changed the design by moving them closer together to maximise spin levels. In total, there are two extra grooves per face compared to other models.

The wedges come with three different shaped soles – the V, C and S – as you work through the lofts from 44 degrees to 60 degrees.

Lofts of 44 degrees, 46 degrees, 48 degrees, 50 degrees and 52 degrees have a V-Shaped sole, 54 degrees and 56 degrees have an S-Shaped sole and 58 degrees and 60 degrees have C-Shaped sole.

Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges

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Verdict: Are Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges any good?

While the RTX 6 Zipcores are an elite level performer, the CBX take on many of the same qualities but with significantly more forgiveness on offer.

The hollow cavity and chamber has allowed weight to be positioned in the toe to make these one of the most forgiving wedges from anywhere across the face.

Even when you miss the sweet spot, you should still generate plenty of distance, control and spin – particularly with the new groove design in this model.

Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges


What is the Cleveland CBX Zipcore wedges release date?

The CBX wedges were launched in 2022 and have been a popular seller ever since.

How much do the Cleveland CBX ZipCore wedges cost?

The wedges cost around $150 / £120 per club.

What are the Cleveland CBX wedges specs?

Lofts of 44 degrees, 46 degrees, 48 degrees, 50 degrees and 52 degrees are available in a V-Shaped sole, 54 degrees and 56 degrees have an S-Shaped sole and 58 degrees and 60 degrees have C-Shaped sole.