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Home » Cleveland RTX6 ZipCore Wedges Review (MAXIMUM Spin Unlocked)

Cleveland RTX6 ZipCore Wedges Review (MAXIMUM Spin Unlocked)

Cleveland RTX6 ZipCore Wedges

Cleveland RTX6 ZipCore wedges are new for 2023 with the latest generation given a makeover to provide consistent spin regardless of the lie you face.

Cleveland have combined HydraZip face, UltiZip grooves, and upgraded ZipCore tech in the new release and believe they have unlocked maximum spin.

The RTX6 wedges are available in four sole grinds – Low, Low+, Mid and Full – to offer the perfect setup to suit the requirements of all types of golfers.

We take a look at what is new in the RTX6 design, how each sole grind differs and just how much spin you can unlock with these in the bag.

What Cleveland says about the RTX6 wedges:

“New RTX 6 ZipCore Wedges are designed to unlock maximum spin performance across the golf course, regardless of lie. Yep, that includes the fairway, rough, sand, and even in wet conditions.

“You might think Wedge shots spin far less in rough or wet conditions. But with the all-new RTX 6 ZipCore, when it comes to spin, it’s all lies.

Cleveland RTX6 ZipCore Wedges

“By combining our new HydraZip face, UltiZip grooves, and upgraded ZipCore tech, these Wedges are designed to improve spin, conditions be darned.

“HydraZip technology features a dynamic blast and laser-milled line system designed to maximize spin in wet or dry conditions, and from anywhere around the green.

“Lower lofts receive a less rough blast, while higher lofts receive a rougher blast and more laser lines for more consistent dry and wet spin performance across the course.

Cleveland RTX6 Wedges

“Our proprietary, low-density core technology sets the Center of Gravity right where you strike the ball, giving you more consistent performance and enhanced forgiveness.

“Meanwhile, by adding an abundance of high/low and heel/toe MOI into every loft in the line, you’ll enjoy increased spin, consistency, feel, and control.

“UltiZip equips RTX 6 ZipCore Wedges with a specialized sequence of deep groove lines with our sharpest groove radii ever. Tighter grooves offer more serious bite, while deeper grooves create space for grass, sand, dirt, or water to evacuate the impact zone.”

Cleveland RTX6 ZipCore Wedges

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Cleveland RTX6 ZipCore Wedges Specs & Design

The RTX range has been given a makeover to produce more spin thanks to a combination of design elements in the 6 model.

The HydraZip technology has been improved to deliver maximum spin whether wet of dry on the course thanks to a dynamic blade and laser milled face.

The laser lines are different between groups of lofts with less in the 46 degrees to 48 degrees than the 50 degrees to 52 degrees and the most included in wedges from 54 degrees to 60 degrees for maximum spin.

Cleveland RTX6 Wedges

Cleveland have also generated more spin than thanks to the use of UltiZip, which has deep grooves on the face and the sharpest yet in any model from the manufacturer.

The ZipCore technology, meanwhile, features a low-density core to allow for the center of gravity to be positioned in the perfect spot for maximum forgiveness across the face.

The RTX6 wedges feature four separate sole grinds with the Low, Low+, Mid and Full all options to choose from.

Cleveland RTX6 ZipCore Wedges

The Low is a C-shaped sole and is the most versatile with plenty of relief on the heel, toe and edge. It is best suited to small divot takers and for golfers who like to open the face.

The Low+ is introduced to the RTX for the first time and has two degrees additional bounce compared to the Low. Otherwise, the C-shaped sole identical and is used on the sand wedge lofts.

The Mid option is a V-shaped sole with the main relief being on the trailing edge. It is the choice for full wedge shots and all round performance.

Cleveland RTX6 Wedges

The Full grind has added bounce and provides additional forgiveness, particularly in bunkers or playing out of thick rough.

Verdict: Are Cleveland RTX6 Wedges any good?

The RTX range has always been Cleveland’s most impressive wedges and the latest generation is the best yet.

The improved performance for all conditions and lies means you can expect some serious stopping power and zip on the greens with these in the bag.

What we really like in particular is the range of soles on offer, meaning you can get the perfect set up if playing with RTX6 wedges.


What is the Cleveland RTX6 wedges release date?

The new RTX wedges were revealed in January 2023 and are available from March 2023.

How much do the Cleveland RTX6 ZipCore wedges cost?

The wedges cost around $190 / £159 per clubs.

What are the Cleveland RTX6 wedges specs?

The wedges are available in 46 degrees (Mid Sole), 48 degrees (Mid Sole), 50 degrees (Mid Sole), 52 degrees (Mid Sole), 54 degrees (Low+, Mid or Full Soles), 56 degrees (Low+, Mid or Full Soles), 58 degrees (Low, Mid or Full Soles) and 60 degrees (Low, Mid or Full Soles),