Cobra King Grandsport-35 Putter Review

Cobra introduce 3D printing as part of a unique design process

Verdict on Cobra King’s Grandsport-35 putter.

obra King Grandsport-35 Putter

The Cobra King Grandsport-35 putter is cutting-edge and invented to reshape your short game. Does it live up to the hype?

That Grandstand-35, and all new putters from Cobra, is oversized with the emphasis on increasing stability over putts and making more of them.

It is all part of Cobra’s move to take an alternative approach to putters with a first-foray into 3D printing in the design process to create one of the most interesting concepts around.

What Cobra says about the Grandsport-35 putter:

“We’ve revolutionised the way putters are designed. The next revolution in putter technology starts now.

“We partnered with HP to design the first family of 3D printed multi-material putters to take MOI and stability to the next level.

obra King Grandsport-35 Putter

“The King Grandsport features an oversized blade shape, and a multi-material construction utilizing a 3D printed lattice cartridge, a forged aluminum crown, tungsten weighting, and SIK FaceTechnology to deliver unmatched stability and consistency on every putt.”

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Cobra King Grandsport-35 Putter Design & Features

The putter is a blade, but comes with an oversized putter head to inspire confidence over even the most tricky of putts.

The putter is crafted from a multi-material construction including a forged aluminum crown, tungsten weighting and a SIK aluminium face insert known as FaceTechnology.

obra King Grandsport-35 Putter

It is in this face where Cobra break new ground with 3D printing design process used for the first time. The face has a 3D printed lattice cartridge.

A single white sight line on the oversized putter head contrasts with the black colour scheme to help you align your putts with more accuracy.

A 34 or 35-inch shaft is available in the standard version, which suits a slight arc putting stroke. There is also a 41-inch armlock design that is for a straight back and through stroke.

As with all Cobra golf clubs, the putter comes as standard featuring the Cobra Connect grip for more feedback via the app.

obra King Grandsport 35

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Verdict: Is the Cobra Grandsport-35 putter any good?

The result of the groundwork of a busy R&D department at Cobra is a premium putter that will turn some heads on the golf course.

There’s no denying this is a putter that looks a whole lot different than other models you’ve seen or used before. Never before has 3D printing techniques been used in the design of golf club or putter.

When you are looking down at the Grandsport-35 putter, it will feel oversized and that is part of the confidence inspiring design.

This is a pricy product, in fact, the price is probably prohibitive for some golfers. But this is a game improver for those that are willing to splash the cash.


How much does the Cobra King Grandsport-35 Putter cost?

The putter is sold for price of £240 / $325 from most retailers and online golf stores.

What lengths of putter are available in the Grandsport-35?

Cobra sell this putter is two options – standard and armlock designs. The standard putter is sold in 34 or 35-inch shafts while the armlock version is 41-inches.

What is the guarantee on the Cobra King Grandsport-35 Putter?

Cobra asks to be notified within 30 days of your purchase if you wish to return something. For clubs, they must be “un-hit” and “in new and unused condition.”