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Cobra Air-X Irons Review (SPEED, Control & Consistency)

Cobra Air-X Irons

Cobra Air-X irons are a new lightweight iron for 2022 and have been designed to give golfers more club head speed, distance but with ultimate control and shot consistency.

Cobra have achieved it by providing a more stable, consistent, and forgiving iron set at a price point that anyone would be excited about.

The Air-X irons come with a new face design that utilises a thinner material that helps maximise ball speed, distance and forgiveness, something that is the case across the Air-X series of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

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What Cobra says about the Air-X irons:

“The Air-X irons will take your iron game to new heights. A lightweight design with offset and slightly weaker lofts promote easy launch, maximum carry distance, and more greens in regulation.

“The Air-X irons feature an extremely lightweight construction so every swing feels effortless. (And) a faster face design helps you hit the ball just as far even when you don’t make centre contact.

Cobra Air-X Irons

“A cavity back design with weaker lofts help you launch the ball with ease, while an offset hosel will keep your shots flying straighter so you can hit more greens in regulation.”

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Cobra Air-X Irons Design & Features

The Air-X irons are a new model of Cobra’s lightweight irons and the key design element is the weight which helps increase the swing speed you are able to generate.

The Air-X Irons feature a faster face and cavity-back club head, which provides golfers with more forgiveness on off-centre hits. The forgiveness is one of the main reasons they have become so popular quickly.

Cobra Air-X Irons

They are designed to provide golfers with the perfect balance of forgiveness and feel, which many golfers have sought in their game.

The irons also have an all-new centre of gravity position closer to the ground, providing a higher launch angle for increased distance and a softer landing.

The Air-X irons are available in 4-iron to sand wedge as a complete set and have made the 2022 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Award.

Cobra Air-X Irons

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Verdict: Are the Cobra Air-X irons any good?

Cobra Air-X irons are a perfect choice for golfers looking for a forgiving iron that can help them achieve more club head speed, more distance and a better ball flight.

If you are struggling with club speed and want to keep the ball in the air longer with a ball flight, the Air-X irons from Cobra is precisely what you have been waiting for to get your game moving in the right direction.

Another big reason that this set is popular is the price that they are offered, which best described as highly competitive.

Cobra Air-X Irons


How much do Cobra Air-X irons cost?

The Air-X irons are cheap in relative terms to other iron sets, retailing at around £520 / $600.

If you are buying from Cobra, they have partnered with Klarna to allow payments to be broken up over a sequence of payments. An approval process determines the terms of the program and can be located on any checkout page on Cobra’s website.

What are the Cobra Air-X irons specs?

The Air-X irons come in 4-iron to Sand Wedge and contain nine clubs in the entire set. The 4-iron is 22 degrees of loft through to the sand wedge of 55 degrees.

What wedges are available in the Air-X irons series?

The set comes with three wedges: Pitching Wedge (45 degrees), Gap Wedge (50 degrees) and Sand Wedge (55 degrees).

How do I gain distance from the lighter club of the Air-X?

The Cobra Air-X irons add distance through speed. With the new design and emphasis on total weight and weight distribution, the average golfer can add speed to their swing. The weakened loft also promotes a higher ball flight, which many golfers struggle with, allowing the ball to travel farther.