H7 Hummingbird Wedge Review

The 70 degree wedge is a top performer from Hummingbird

The Hummingbird wedge is a 70 degree lob wedge.

H7 Hummingbird Wedge

The H7 Hummingbird wedge is a unique 70 degree lob wedge that has been designed to bring out the best in your short game. Does it actually perform as you might think?

The team behind the wedge have come up with a solution that means you no longer need to open the face when attempting to play a flop shot onto the green.

The face is already opened thanks to an extra 10 degrees of loft compared to a standard 60 degree lob wedge used by the vast majority of golfers.

Now, to accompany the 70 wedge Hummingbird have also added 58 degree and 64 degree options in the H7 range.

What they say about the H7 Hummingbird Wedge:

“The Hummingbird has been conceived and designed to make it simple and easy for every golfer to flop it like Phil (Mickelson).

“It upgrades the usual 56 degree loft on a traditional wedge, to a full 70 degrees.

“Built-in loft means you’ll never have to open the face. You just use your normal chipping motion, straight back and straight through, and the ball effortlessly floats up high and soft and with more spin than you can believe.

Hummingbird Wedge

“The sweet spot is also double the size of a traditional wedge for more forgiveness, so even mishits will fly high. If you struggle with bunker and flop shots, you need to try this.”

H7 Hummingbird Wedge Design & Features

The Hummingbird wedge is unique, simply due to the fact that it is 70 degrees in loft and takes lob wedge status to the next level.

The wedge is oversized in design and shape compared to traditional models like Titleist’s SM8 Vokeys or TaylorMade’s MG3 wedges, and the loft on the H7 is taken to new extremes too.

H7 Hummingbird Wedge

Hummingbird have worked on the principle that we, as golfers, aim left and open the face on lob shots with 60 degree version. So they have saved the process of opening the face and increased the loft.

The wedge sits as open as you could possibly imagine but does provide impressive height and the ability to stop the ball quickly on greens from even the most tight of lies.

The Hummingbird wedge features an Air X sole that glides through rough or even tight lies, while the anti-dig lie angle make the wedge more upright like a putter to avoid fat and chunked shots.

The club face features a black alignment line on the wedge to promote the straight back and through stroke that you should be playing with this lob wedge.

H7 Hummingbird Wedge

While the 70 degree option is what Hummingbird have worked hard on producing, there are no 58 degree and 64 degree lob wedge models also now available.

Verdict: Is the H7 Hummingbird wedge any good?

There is a lot to like about the concept of the Hummingbird wedge, which has been well thought out to take away the need to open the club face when playing lob shots.

All of the loft you need is there thanks to the 70 degree design. And it provides plenty of air time and quick stopping too.

The best thing about this wedge is the focus it provides on straightening up your aim over a lob shot. Rather than aiming left and opening the face, it helps square you up to your target.

It won’t be for everyone, but it is difficult to knock what this wedge is trying to achieve.

Hummingbird Wedges


Is the H7 Hummingbird wedge legal?

Yes. It conforms to USGA standard and can be used in competitions.

What is the loft of the Hummingbird wedge?

The lob wedge is a 70 degree club head, 10 degrees more than the traditional loft of most manufacturers. Hummingbird have also added 58 and 64 degree options.

How much does the Hummingbird wedge cost?

The wedge retails between $99 and $129 / £74 and £96.