Honma TW W4 Wedges Review (SHOT-Making & Scoring)

Two sole grinds are featured in the progressive TW W4 wedges from Honma

Honma’s W4 wedges have progressive CG and sole designs throughout the lofts.

Honma TW W4 Wedges

Honma TW W4 wedges are designed to help improve shot-making and scoring around the greens thanks to a progressive CG and two different sole designs.

Honma have opted to introduce an I-Sole design on the lower lofted wedges – 48 degrees to 54 degrees – with a full sole with camber, trailing edge relief and clean turf interaction.

The higher lofted wedges, 56 degrees, 58 degrees and 60 degrees, have a more crescent shaped role along with heel and toe relief for maximum versatility in your short game.

In this article, we take a look at the wedges, how the two sole options perform and how they can help add even more consistency to your approach play and around the greens.

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What Honma says about the Tour World W4 Wedge:

“Progressively designed line of wedges for scoring and shot-making with ideal turf interaction with the I-sole and greater versality with the refined C-sole.

“Unique and innovative sculpted back design, with a handsome combination finish with a cross milled face.

“Progressive CG for great feel, flight and distance control for each loft.

“Low CG on the lower lofts for solid feel and great performance on full shots

“Progressively higher CG on higher lofts for trajectory control on full shots, and more feel and forgiveness around the green when opening the face.”

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Honma TW W4 Wedge Specs & Design

Honma TW W4 Wedges

Honma T World W4 Wedges

Honma TW W4 Wedges

Honma T World W4 Wedges


How much do Honma TW W4 wedges cost?

The Honma Tour World W4 Wedge currently retails at $149.99

What are the Honma T//World W4 wedges specs?

Honma have opted for an I-Sole design in lower lofts of 48 degrees, 50 degrees, 52 degrees and 54 degrees wedges.

There is a C-Sole design in higher lofts of 56 degrees, 58 degrees and 60 degrees with more of a crescent shaped sole.