Honma TW757 Irons Review (NEW P, Vx & B Models)

The new TW757 range from Honma features three separate models

The P, Vx and B irons are part of the Honma TW757 range.

Honma TW757 Irons

Honma TW757 irons are the new version of the best-selling range with three models – the P, Vx and B – launched in 2022.

Part of the TW757 that also includes a new driver, fairway woods and utility clubs, the three irons are crammed with the latest technology and all offer something different.

The P is the Players’ cavity back model, the Vx is a forged cavity design and the B is the new Honma blade irons for the elite and better level players.

In this article, we take a look at what each of the irons offer, how they differ from the TW747 irons and what they can bring to your game.

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What Honma says about the TW757 Irons:

“Three models of the tour-inspired iron help shots carry long, achieving high and straight flight with mis-hit forgiveness.

“The P iron’s low-and-deep CG generates high trajectory, despite the strong lofts, while the pocket cavity helps produce distance with ideal trajectory at each loft. P refers the iron’s innovative pocket-cavity design.

“In the Vx, the seven-gram tungsten toe weight lengthens the CG distance (#4 – #8) in the wide clubhead, yet the high operability is maintained by the CG position.

“Optimal heel and toe weights reduce energy loss on off-center hits with this forged cavity back – generating high, straight, and long shots with optimal spin and solid feel.

“The B’s traditional-shaped muscle back blade’s ideal CG is achieved by inserting a tungsten weight into the toe.

“The sweet spot is expanded by lightening the heel – enabling an ideal balance of distance performance, straight-line stability, accuracy and spin control. It’s made with tighter tolerances than Honma’s previous muscle back blades.”

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Honma TW757 P Irons

Honma TW757 P Irons

Honma TW757 Vx Irons

Honma TW757 Vx Irons

Honma TW757 B Irons

Honma TW757 B Irons