How to Improve Your Golf Accuracy (TIPS & Tricks)

Handy tips and methods to find more fairways, hole more putts and be more consistent

Become a more consistent golfer with these methods.

Golf Ball General

Looking for ways on how to improve your golf accuracy? There are a number of ways to find more fairways, hole more putts and generally be more consistent.

Golf is a game that requires little tweaks to improve performance. There are so many moving parts to golf and you can go from dramatically inconsistent to seriously accurate with some small changes.

Golf should be fun. The better you play, the more enjoyable it will be. Apply these strategies to become a more accurate golfer.

If you are looking for ways to shave a few strokes off your game, here are some key strategies on how to improve your golf accuracy.

Hitting The Ball

Swinging a golf club to make contact with the ball sounds pretty easy, right? It is, but it isn’t always simple to hit the ball to go exactly where you intend.

Hitting the ball accuracy comes down to the perfect combination of:

  • Grip
  • Swing
  • Angle of approach
  • Club face angle
  • Ball strike

Each must work together to send their ball on a targeted trajectory. At its basic, as long as you strike the ball in the centre of your club head while swinging at the correct angle…you will be successful.

Golf Drivers

While all golf clubs are need through a round, the driver is what starts it all off and dictates how accurate you are.

Your initial shot with a driver sets the tone for the hole, so following the above suggestions is important for accuracy and better performance.

PXG 0311 GEN6 Drivers

With golf drivers, distance is usually the highest goal most people want, but without accuracy, you are setting yourself up for a harder second shot or worse.

A long distance shot has you setting up the ball position inside the lead heel, making half the ball above the crown of the driver head at address.

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A good golf grip will help control the ball’s flight and direction. There are three basic types of golf grip to choose from.

Overlapping Grip

Both hands are brought close together, with the pinky finger of your trail hand placed between the index and middle fingers of your lead hand.

Interlocking Grip

With an interlocking grip, your trailing pinky is intertwined with your lead hand’s index finger, giving you more control of the club.

10-Finger Grip

All ten fingers touch the club with this grip, which is also known as the baseball grip. The trailing hand’s pinky touches the lead hand’s index finger, with the lead thumb encapsulated by the trailing hand.


How you swing the golf club plays a huge role in the accuracy of the strike. Practice a few swings by stepping to the tee box or ball on the fairway. This routine helps settle you into position and remain focused without distractions.

You need to have a good foundation and stance to swing comfortably. Your posture should be straight with your head, shoulders and spine aligned while your feet are a little wider than shoulder-width apart.

Golfer (General)

Balance your weight as you bend at the waist with your hips centred over your feet and knees slightly bent. Stay relaxed and flexible through the whole swinging motion.

With your desired grip, keep your head still as your body turns during the backswing. Then as you begin your downswing, stay balanced for an even tempo follow-through.

Angle of Approach

The angle of approach is the descending impact that your club has on the ball, but it involves a backswing, downswing and follow-through. This arc ensures the club head is swinging level with the ground as it makes contact with the ball.

Too steep an approach, and your club pass underneath the ball, striking high on the club face and making it a higher than a normal shot. If it’s too shallow, the club catches the top of the ball, thinning the shot.


To hit the ball straight, you must have a square club face on impact, a combination of flexion and extension in your wrist. Different positions include:

  • Open Clubface: The clubface is pointing to the right of the target
  • Square Clubface: The clubface is square to the target line.
  • Closed Clubface: The clubface is pointing to the left of the target.

Having a proper grip, along with proper rotation and wrist angle, will better control the clubface and be key for how to improve your golf accuracy.