Kirkland Signature Ball Review

Kirkland Signature Ball is available at a fraction of the cost of premium balls

Kirkland Signature Ball

The Kirkland Signature golf ball is claimed to produce a premium performance at a fraction of the price, but is that actually the case?

The Kirkland Signature is a brand owned and sold by Costco – the members-only wholesaler of goods at low warehouse sales – but is available more widely online now.

It is the cost of the balls, which come in both 3-piece and 4-piece options, that really catches the eye, given it retails at around the cost of 24 balls for the price of 12 you will find from other manufacturers.

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Design

Kirkland’s balls are manufactured in South Korea and made a huge impression when they first arrived on the market in 2016.

It was then that Titleist owners Acushnet were involved in a series of lawsuits over the design of the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball, claiming it used many of the trademarks associated with the leading Titleist Pro V1 ball.

New versions with an improved performance followed two years later with 3-piece and 4-piece versions with a new 338-dimple pattern instead of the previous 360-dimple design of the original version.

There were reports that the 4-piece ball was unreliable in terms of consistency of performance, with Costco issuing a recall policy in September 2019.

But they continue to sell out as fast as shelves are stocked.

The newer version of the ball has been made softer and more responsive around the greens, although there is little differentiation between the performance of the 3-piece and 4-piece offerings.

Kirkland Golf Balls Verdict

There has been a lot of claims of the latest version of the Kirkland Signature Golf Balls cracking and not offering the kind of durability that is expected of balls.

You’re not getting premium quality for the price the K-Sig’s sell at, but you do expect some value for money in terms of the time it will spend in your bag.

The performance of Kirkland Signature’s are good enough to warrant trying them, but they might not be a long-term ball you play.

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