Kirkland Signature Irons Review (NEW Costco Irons Launched)

Kirkland Signature irons are unveiled by Costco

The new Kirkland Signature irons have been unveiled.

Kirkland Signature Irons

Kirkland Signature irons are new for 2023 after being unveiled as Costco’s first-ever golf irons. How do the irons rate?

The irons have been added to the official conforming list for 2023 by the USGA and are set to be released for sale in the coming months.

Having already had success with the Kirkland Signature wedges, KS1 putter and Kirkland Signature ball, the new irons are the first set of clubs designed by Indi Golf.

Indi Golf are being the Costco golfing products and the new irons are a tungsten design no too dissimilar to the TaylorMade P Series of 770, 790, P7MB and P7MC.

In this article, we discuss what the Kirkland irons are all about, when they will be released and how much they will cost.

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Kirkland Signature Irons Specs & Design

Although we don’t know the technologies and design elements of the Kirkland Signature irons, the image released in the USGA Conforming List gives us some points of what to expect.

We know from the hosel that the irons are forged, much like the TaylorMade P series and new Mizuno JPX923 irons.

Kirkland Signature Irons

They also feature tungsten – most likely in the form of weighting – from the wording on the back of the clubhead.

Although a solid head, the screw hole seen in the toe of the clubhead suggests that these are cavity back or hollow irons and will have a level of forgiveness to them.

The image of the new clubs released in the conforming list shows a 4-iron with this Kirkland Signature set likely to run from 4-iron to pitching wedge to sit along with the Kirkland wedges.

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Verdict: Are Kirkland Signature Irons any good?

The irons are some way off hitting the Costco shelves and only then will we find out how good these new releases are.

They have a similar look and design to the likes of TaylorMade P790 irons and Mizuno JPX923 irons and if they are anywhere close in terms of performance they will be well received by golfers.

Kirkland have made a major impression with their wedges, KS1 putter and golf ball at a fraction of the cost of bigger name brands, and the irons look set to replicate that.


What is the Kirkland Signature Irons release date?

The irons were added to the conforming list in January 2023 and will be released for sale in the coming months.

How much do Kirkland Signature Irons cost?

The details on the retail price of the new irons has not yet been revealed.