PXG 0311 GEN6 Drivers Review (NEW for 2023, Standard & XF)

The sixth generation of PXG drivers have been launched for 2023

PXG GEN6 drivers have been unveiled as new for 2023.

PXG 0311 GEN6 Drivers

PXG 0311 GEN6 drivers have been launched for 2023 with two new models released. How do they compare vs 0311 GEN5 drivers.

PXG have once again stuck with just the 0311 and the 0311 XF models, which featured in the PXG GEN5 drivers range. The GEN6 drivers have been released with new six generation fairways, hybrids and irons.

There are some notable changes in the new release as the Aluminum Vapor Technology design on the fibre crown is ditched, and the face designs have made taller and more forgiving.

We take a look at what each of the drivers have to offer, how the differ from previous designs and what they can bring to your game.

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What PXG says about the new 0311 GEN6 Drivers:

“The GEN6 Driver crown is made entirely from high-grade carbon fiber. This lightweight material saves mass in the crown, allowing it to be redistributed low and to the perimeter of the clubhead for optimal CG and added forgiveness.

“Through rigorous modal analysis testing, PXG designed an innovative supported weight structure that delivers unbelievable sound and feel.

“Precision Weighting Technology is positioned in the extreme perimeter of the clubhead and anchored to the outer wall, creating a sophisticated stiff and stable structure that generates high frequency vibrations.

PXG 0311 GEN6 Drivers

“The 0311 is a traditional tear drop shape optimized to deliver the ideal blend of distance and forgiveness, and a taller face shape optimized to provide excellent miss-hit performance – especially on higher face impacts.

“The 0311 XF has a larger head profile optimized to deliver maximum forgiveness and make it easier to square the club face.

“Larger shape optimized to deliver maximum miss-hit performance all over the face, less curvature in the crown and maximum front to back depth.”

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PXG 0311 GEN6 Driver Specs & Design

The 0311 GEN6 driver is the standard model, offering a largely neutral set up and being the low spin option of the two.

This drivers boasts a traditional tear-drop club head shape and is designed with maximum forgiveness as well as distance in mind for all round performance.

PXG 0311 GEN6 Drivers

One of the design changes has been to make the face taller to help provide more ball speed and distance on off-centre strikes high up on the Ti412 titanium alloy face.

PXG have reverted back a full carbon fiber crown that is incredible lightweight after ditching the Aluminum Vapor (AV) Technology that stiffened and stabilised the crown in the GEN5 driver.

The weight savings has allowed the CG to be moved even lower, while the Precision Weighting Technology has seen weight shifted to the walls of the clubhead.

PXG 0311 GEN6 Drivers

The standard driver is available in 7.5 degrees, 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees.

The 0311 comes with one 2.5g and two 7.5g weights on the sole to offer the adjustability to suit all swing types and ball shapes. There is also an adjustable hosel, allowing the loft to be altered by up to 1.5 degrees.

PXG 0331 GEN6 XF Driver Specs & Design

The 0311 GEN6 XF driver once again differs from the standard version via a slightly different shaped clubhead with this model having a larger head.

Standing for Xtreme Forgiveness, the larger profile of the XF means it has a longer face, an expanded sweet spot and hitting zone and help you maximise distance.

PXG 0311 GEN6 Drivers

With a greater MOI than the standard model, you will find the GEN6 XF maintains ball speed from across the Ti412 titanium alloy face.

PXG have also opted to less curvature across the top of the carbon fiber crown in the XF in order to lengthen the club head to its maximum from front to back.

Like the standard version, the 0311 XF driver has had the Aluminum Vapor (AV) Technology removed with a focus on the Precision Weighting Technology instead with weight moved to the perimeter of the club head.

PXG 0311 GEN6 Drivers

The more forgiving version of the GEN6 is available in 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees of loft.

The 0311 XF driver comes with one 2.5g and two 7.5g weights on the sole to offer ultimate adjustability along with the adjustable hosel, allowing the loft to be altered by up to 1.5 degrees.

Verdict: Are PXG 0311 GEN6 drivers any good?

Although the aren’t majorly different to the GEN5 versions, PXG have made the sixth generation drivers more forgiving and more accurate.

Retaining just the two models – rather than the three which appeared in the GEN4 series of drivers – shows PXG are settled on the two contrasting options.

The removal of the Aluminum Vapor Technology is an interesting move, considering it had just appeared in the GEN5 driver. But it does help add forgiveness and accuracy and make both drivers all round performers.


When will the PXG GEN 6 driver be released?

The 0311 GEN6 PXG drivers were launched in March 2023 are available to buy now.

How much do the PXG 0311 GEN6 drivers cost?

The new PXG drivers will retail for $499 per driver.

What are the PXG GEN6 0311 driver specs?

The 0311 driver comes in 7.5 degrees, 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees, while the XF model is available in 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees lofts. The adjustable hosel allows for 1.5 degrees of adjustability up and down.

Both drivers come with one 2.5g sole weight and two 7.5g weights which can be adjusted to create the perfect ball flight, ball shape and trajectory.