PXG 0811X GEN2 Driver Review

PXG extract more distance, less spin and more forgiveness from the 0811X driver

PXG 0811X Gen2 Driver

The second generation of the PXG 0811X GEN2 driver stands up there with the very best on the market, with the manufacturer continuing to push the boundaries of design.

Parsons Xtreme Golf, to give the company its full name, is the brainchild of self-confessed golf enthusiast Bob Parsons and his team have built upon the impressive 0811X driver by honing the performance even further in the GEN2 version.

Changes include the addition of Hot Rod Technology, a new and innovation crown design and an invention weight-forward design to limit spin, increase forgiveness and produce ball speeds that surpass anything PXG have previously produced.

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What PXG say about the 0811X GEN2 driver:

“The PXG 0811 X GEN2 Driver features Hot Rod Technology inspired by the look and extreme performance of American muscle cars.

“The golf club head’s innovative carbon fiber crown combined with the weight-forward design supports low spin performance, blazing fast ball speed and breathtaking distance fine-tuned for forgiveness and accuracy.

“Nine weights provide a significant amount of moveable mass in the golf club head that can be easily adjusted to influence head weight, spin and bias.

“Adjustable hosel can change the loft (+/-) 1½ degrees to optimize the trajectory. The weight-forward design supports an extremely low CG position, approximately 0.160 below the neutral axis. This promotes low spin performance and helps improve both distance and accuracy.”

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PXG 0811X GEN2 Driver Design

Designed in the now traditional PXG black, the 0811X driver has been produced to provide more distance off the tee, less spin and be an extremely forgiving driver.

PXG 0811X Gen2 Driver

In the GEN2 version, PXG have added more technology at the driver with the presence of Hot Rod Technology, a new carbon fiber crown, honeycomb insert, variable face technology and an innovative weight-forward design all contributing to performance gains.

The crown has been redesigned and is now stiff and features variable thickness to minimise energy loss and increase ball speeds off the tee peg. In total, PXG have managed to make 12 grams of weight savings in the crown.

Inside the club head is a TPE honeycomb insert, which was first used in the PXG GEN 1 irons and driver, to reduce vibration and improve the sound and feel.

The variable face technology helps promote faster ball speed off the titanium face insert, which has a thinner face than the first generation of the 0811X driver.

PXG 0811X Gen2 Driver

The innovative weighting system sees nine moveable weights in the driver to provide the adjustability and balance to suit golfers seeking different weight, spin and bias. The design produces an extremely low CG for low spin levels.

The 0811X is available in three lofts – 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees – but the adjustable hosel provides 1.5 degrees of adjustability up or down.

PXG 0811X GEN2 Driver Verdict

It is a premium product with an eye-watering price tag, but you get what you pay for and PXG’s latest version of the 0811X driver is impressive.

PXG have improved on the already top-notch first generation and extracted even more distance and forgiveness from the GEN2 model.

PXG 0811X Gen2 Driver

The adjustability in weight makes this a real winner with nine moveable weights allowing you to customise the driver to your swing requirements.

If you are in the market for a new driver and have a big budget, consider making the switch to PXG where the gains could help bring your handicap down further.

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Is the PXG 0811X GEN2 driver good?

PXG don’t do things half-heartedly. They are the deal in high class golf equipment and that certainly applies to the 0811X driver. It has everything you want and more in terms of technology and can expect to extract even more distance from your game. It’s fully adjustable and can be crafted into the perfect driver to suit your swing style and overall game.

What are the specs of the PXG 0811X driver?

ClubLoftsLieLength (Inches)Head Mass

How much does the PXG 0811X driver cost?

The price of the 0811X GEN2 driver varies from retailer to retailer but costs around £600/$745.