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PXG 0341X GEN2 Woods Review

PXG 0341X Gen2 Woods

The second generation of the PXG 0341X GEN2 woods offer distance, accuracy and forgiveness in equal measure and continue the high class performance associated with the brand.

PXG have honed the performance of the fairway woods in the latest version to extra even more performance from the 0341X woods which are described as “fast, fierce and on point”.

A variable thickness carbon fiber crown design, TPE honeycomb insert and variale face technology all combine with the Precision Weighting System to be produce the high level of performance that is now the norm for PXG.

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What PXG say about the 0341X fairway woods:

“Fast, fierce and on point, PXG 0341X GEN2 Fairway Woods are a low spin golf club for supercharged distance.

“Featuring Hot Rod Technology inspired by the look and extreme performance of American muscle cars, the golf clubs feature a variable thickness carbon fibre crown and weight-forward design.

“These elements work together to dramatically reduce energy loss creating blazing fast ball speeds.

“Our PXG Fairway Woods deliver incredible distance, accuracy, and forgiveness thanks to leading-edge innovations in materials and manufacturing processes.

“PXG’s signature Precision Weighting System helps ensure that every golf club is dialed-in to meet each player’s unique performance goals.”

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PXG 0341X Woods Design

PXG are known for just how much time and effort goes into crafting their golf clubs and the 0341X GEN2 woods are no different.

PXG 0341X Gen2 Woods

The design tweaks between the original and this second generation have seen the fairways become even better with more distance and greater forgiveness the order of the day.

The stunning black look includes a multi-level, variable thickness carbon fiber crown design which has been created to reduce energy loss and produce faster ball speeds that the previous version.

The crown design, which has an anti-glare finish in the now familiar PXG black, has helped reinforce the structure of the face for more consistent ball striking, and improved aerodnamics.

The weight savings made in the carbon fibre crown, which is 14 grams lighter in total, has allowed PXG to lower the CG for a more optimsed ball flight from the 0341X woods.

PXG 0341X Gen2 Woods

The face itself is a high-strength steel constructions, but importantly thin and with variable face technology across the width of the woods for faster balls speeds.

Like the 0811X driver, the woods feature a honeycomb TPE insert within the club head. The TPE acts as a high-performance vibration-dampening polymer for improved sound and feel, while the honeycomb pattern allows for more weight to be postioned around the sole.

The sole, meanwhile, features eight weights which are all moveable mass for the perfect head weight, spin and bias to suit your game – something PXG describe as the Precision Weighting System.

Available in 2-wood (13 degrees), 3-wood (15 degrees), 5-wood (18 degrees) and 7-wood (21 degrees), the adjustable hosel allows for the loft of each to be changed by up to 1.5 degrees up or down.

PXG 0341X Gen2 Woods

PXG 0341X Woods Verdict

You come to expect good things of PXG golf clubs and the 0341X woods are no different. Everything about them screams quality and they really can be created to suit any golfers on the planet.

The eight separate weights make them truly customisable to any golf swing, while the technological improvements from the first generation means you can expect more ball speed and distance from the GEN2 model.

Other than the eye-watering price tag, there is nothing to dislike about the fairway woods. If these go in your back, you can expect some game-changing improvements from the fairway or the tee.

PXG 0341X Gen2 Woods

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Are the PXG 0341X GEN2 woods good?

The PXG 0341X fairway woods ooze quality, but back it up with performance. Totally customisable to your own swing courtesy of the Precision Weighting System which features eight weights in the sole of the club head, the woods can be adjusted to get the most out of your game. Everything has been thought about during the design of the 0341Xs and they are among the best on the market.

What are the PXG 0341X woods specs?

Club LoftsLieLength (Inches)Head Mass

How much do the PXG 0341X GEN2 woods cost?

The price of the 0341X GEN2 woods varies from retailer to retailer but each individual wood comes in at around £450/$560.