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Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters Review

Scott Cameron Special Select Putters

Scotty Cameron Special Select putters range feature eight models and under just why the manufacturer could to be leaders when it comes to producing high-class putters.

The Special Select putter line, as Scotty Cameron call the range, features eight models (three blades and five mid-mallets) and all have been improved and honed from previous models to continue extracting even more performance.

Three versions of the Newport putter (the original and the 2 and 2.5 models) and Squareback 2 are the blade options, while the Del Mar, Fastback 1.5 and the Flowback 5 and Flowback 5.5 are the mallet options.

The range features a new balanced weighting with customisable sole weights to create the perfect balance across the entire Special Select line.

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What Scotty Cameron says about the Special Select Putters:

“Scotty Cameron has been designing, milling and building putters that perform under the world’s most demanding conditions for the game’s greatest players. With the Special Select line he’s taken another step forward in a decades-long career creating the finest in milled steel putters.

“Created specifically to offer the same sleek, classic shapes preferred by touring professionals, each Special Select model has been designed and milled in the USA to the same exacting performance specifications demanded by our game’s greatest players.

“New performance balanced weighting expands on Scotty’s use of customizable sole weights to tune putter performance and feel at all lengths. While overall putter head weights remain unchanged, the incorporation of tungsten for the blades and stainless steel for the mid-mallets produces a larger sweet spot and enhanced stability in each model.”

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Scotty Cameron Newport Review

Scotty Cameron Newport

The classic Scotty Cameron blade look with curved edges. The Newport has been refined to improve the visual lines and is also slightly thinner than before on the topline. You also now get a full look at the putter head when standing over the ball after the angle of plumbing neck was adjusted in earlier models a retained in the latest version for a medium toe flow. The stainless steel blade features tungsten sole weights for a balanced feel.

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Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Review

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

The Newport 2 has undergone similar improvements to the Newport, also having a flatter and narrower topline. It remains an eye-catching putter with square edges and a perfect look, contrasting perfectly with the more rounded Newport. The plumbing neck has been refined and the sole setup a medium toe flow. The Newport 2 also has interchangeable tungten sole weights.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Review

Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5

The Newport 2.5 putter is not strikingly different to the Newport 2, but does now have a small slant neck. That move by Scotty Cameron’s design team has really enhanced the view of the blade standing over putters. It has a higher toe flow than the other Newports in the Scotty Cameron Special Select putters range, a larger sweet spot and comes with the interchangeable sole weights.

Scotty Cameron Del Mar Review

Scott Cameron Del Mar

The Del Mar putter is a compact mid-mallet with a toe flow thanks to stainless steel sole weights. It is has a new heel-shafted design, features a narrower and flatter topline and has a mid-milled face. The Del Mar is a seriously impressive mallet putter.

Scotty Cameron Fastback 1.5 Review

Scotty Cameron Fastback 1.5

The largest of the mid-mallets in terms of putter head size, the Fastback 1.5 now has a small slack neck for a greater toe flow and a solid milled face. The optimal weight distribution has been created courtesy of a higher MOI thanks to the presence of an integrated 6061 aluminum sole plate. The stainless steel weights give it more of a heel and toe balance. The Fastback 1.5 boasts a much cleaner look and better view over the ball.

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Scotty Cameron Squareback 2 Review

Scotty Cameron Squareback 2

The Squareback 2 has much more in common with the Newport 2, even though it is a mid-mallet rather than a blade. The body is much wider than the blades in the range, and the Squareback 2 offers supreme confidence over the ball as a result. The plumbing neck has been redesigned, the face is more compact in height and there is a thinner topline. A 6061 aluminum sole plate has allowed weighting to be moved into the heel, toe and perimeter, while stainless steel sole weights offer even more adjustability.

Scotty Cameron Flowback 5 Review

Scotty Cameron Flowback 5

The Flowback 5 has been updated and heavily redesigned to come up with a classic look in a modern mid-mallet design. There is a new mid-bend shaft and a full shaft of offset to create a supreme putter than is near face balanced with a limited toe flow. The Flowback 5 is ideally suited to a straight putting stroke. The stainless steel weights and an integrated 6061 aluminum sole plate gives it an optimal weight face balance.

Scotty Cameron Flowback 5.5 Review

Scotty Cameron Flowback 5.5

The Flowback 5.5 differs from the Flowback 5 thanks to a newly-designed slantback neck, which has ben angled back towards the heel to create enhanced toe flow and nearly one shaft of offset. Scotty Cameron describe it as a “curvy mid-mallet” and it is a beatiful looking putter. Like the others in the range, the integrated 6061 aluminum sole plate and stainless steel weights produce a perfect weight distribution and a higher MOI.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Jet Set Putters Review

Scotty Cameron Special Select Jet Set Putters

Released new for 2022, Scotty Cameron four models in the Special Select Jet Set range – a unique black version of the putters.

The limited edition Jet Set putters have been released in the Newport, Newport+, Newport 2 and Newport 2+ models.

The release of the black Jet Set putters offers a “high-performance configuration with superior attention to shape, color palette and finish” look according to Scotty Cameron.

The 2022 limited edition putters are available from August 19 and will cost £599 / $679.

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