Rife RX4 Irons Review

RX4 irons from Rife feature a wide sole.

Rife RX4 Irons

Rife RX4 irons are a hollow-core set designed to provide maximum forgiveness and distance – at a value for money price tag.

The entire range of RX4 irons, from 4-iron to PW, have graphite shafts and feature an elongated club head thanks to a much wider sole than normally expected of an iron.

The hollow-core of the club head combines with a steel face for dynamic ball speeds, without sacrificing the kind of forgiveness you would expect from an iron designed such as this.

Rife RX4 Irons Design & Features

The Rife RX4 irons have a unique design with the hollow core the key feature in the creation of the model.

Rife RX4 Irons

The 431 stainless steel club head has an ultra wide sole for forgiveness, and to prevent loss of speed by digging in, along with an offset hosel. That makes the RX4s oversized compared to other irons.

The RX4 irons have a hybrid-like look and feel to them, and have been designed to be an excellent set for players starting out or who struggle with their irons.

The combination of the hollow core and the high strength steel face of the irons produces what is described as “explosive power and precision”.

The irons come with lightweight graphite shafts and pro line grips.

Rife RX4 Irons

Verdict: Are Rife RX4 irons any good?

The RX4 irons from Rife are an excellent set of irons for beginners or for golfers who struggle to get best from their irons.

They aren’t a standard iron in design or shape, and that will be off putting for some.

The wider sole – the design element the is key to the different look – makes the performance across the irons much more like hybrids. And you get plenty of forgiveness from the RX4s.

Rife RX4 Irons

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How much do Rife RX4 irons cost?

A set of RX4 irons costs around £350/$473 for 5-iron to pitching wedge.

What handicap do Rife irons suit?

Rife irons are an ideal choice for higher handicap golfers and beginners in the game. They also suit golfers who struggle for consistency from their irons.

Which Rife irons are the best?

The RX4 irons and RX5 irons are the best options from the Rife ranges. The RX5 are the more traditional looking of the models.