Rife RX4 Irons Review

RX4 irons from Rife feature a wide sole.

Rife RX4 Irons

Rife RX4 irons are a hollow-core set designed to provide maximum forgiveness and distance – at a value for money price tag.

The entire range of RX4 irons, from 4-iron to PW, have graphite shafts and feature an elongated club head thanks to a much wider sole than normally expected of an iron.

The hollow-core of the club head combines with a steel face for dynamic ball speeds, without sacrificing the kind of forgiveness you would expect from an iron designed such as this.

Rife RX4 Irons Design

Rife RX4 Irons
Rife RX4 Irons
Rife RX4 Irons

Rife RX4 Irons Verdict

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