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Rife RX4 Chipper Review

Rife RX4 Chipper

The Rife RX4 chipper has been designed to help improve the short game of golfers who struggle around the green.

If you regularly struggle with chips, suffer from the yips with your wedges or just have no confidence when it comes to your short game, a chipper might be the answer.

The RX4 chipper is essentially a iron with an angled face, but one that allows you to chip onto the green while using a putting stroke.

The Rife chipper will offer a much-needed alternative some golfers are searching for, and provide game improvement around the greens.

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Rife RX4 Chipper Design & Features

Unlike some options in this sector that resemble a putter in looks, the RX4 chipper is iron-like in design but has been created with a wide sole to be used with a putting stroke.

In fact, Ping have followed this very design lead by introducing the ChipR club as a new release in 2022.

Rife RX4 Chipper

The chipper comes with a 37-degree loft, making it similar to using a mid-iron, but has a wide sole the prevents the club from digging into the turf.

A rear cavity alignment line has been included by Rife to help with direction, while a chrome finish to the club head should help provide durability.

The chipper can added to a bag containing Rife RX4 irons to offer variety to your game.

Rife RX4 Chipper

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Verdict: Is the Rife RX4 Chipper any good?

If you are in need of some help with your chipping around the greens, then the RX4 Chipper from Rife is worth considering.

Ultimately, you could use a mid-iron already in your bag for the same purpose – and many golfers do.

But if you want the confidence of something designed specifically for chipping and helping you get the ball closer to the hole more often, the RX4 is value for money and created specifically for the job in hand.

Rife RX4 Chipper


How much does the Rife RX4 chipper cost?

The RX4 chipper is sold at around £40.

Is the Rife RX4 chipper any good?

It isn’t the most expensive club in the world but it does the business around the greens. If you need more consistency in your short game or an alternative to wedges, it is relatively cheap to try.

What loft is the Rife chipper?

It has a 37-degree loft, which makes it similar to using a 6-iron or 7-iron but with more forgiveness.