Takomo Skyforger Wedges Review (Soft Feel & VALUE)

The Takomo Skyforger wedges provide great feel and versatility for a price that is hard to beat.

The Skyforgers are Takomo’s first wedges.

Takomo Skyforger Wedges

Takomo Skyforger wedges consist of S20C carbon steel to provide golfers with a soft feel and great trajectory on every shot. Are the wedges worth buying over similar iron sets today?

Takomo Golf has some of the best-selling iron sets on the market currently, and for good reason. They provide a great amount of playability with great quality and a low price.

Takomo Golf has recently decided to expand into wedges with the new Skyforger wedges made from the same steel as their iron sets.

What Takomo says about the Skyforger wedges:

“Skyforger wedges provide a soft feel, versatility, and fantastic precision around the green.

“The Skyforger wedges are forged from S20C carbon steel with progressively tapered blade thickness and are designed for players who are always looking to control their trajectory.

Takomo Skyforger Wedges

“Higher lofts have more weight on the top of the blade to promote more spin and better height control, while lower lofts have more weight at the bottom of the blade to make full shots easier to execute.”

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Takomo Skyforger Wedges Specs & Design

The Takomo Skyforger wedges are made from S20C carbon steel and have a blade thickness that progressively tapered.

Another characteristic to note is that the lower lofts have more weight at the bottom of the club while higher lofts have the opposite.

Takomo Skyforger Wedges

The Takomo wedges come in four lofts (48 degrees, 52 degrees, 56 degrees and 60 degrees).

The bounce in the wedges is progress with 48 degree loft have 8 degrees of bounce, 52 degree loft having 10 degrees of bounce, 56 degree wedge having 12 degrees of bounce and 60 degree loft also having 12 degrees of bounce.

The wedges come as standard with KBS or True Temper shafts, standard or midsize grip and are available in right or left-handed clubs.

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Verdict: Are the Takomo Skyforger wedges any good?

At $99 USD each, the Skyforger wedges are in the middle of the pack as far as affordability but compared to the less expensive wedges on the market these have much greater durability and better feel overall.

What most golfers want in a wedge is versatility and feel, and the Takomo Skyforger wedges offer both.

Takomo Skyforger Wedges

Whether it is chipping from just off the green to a greenside bunker shot, the Skyforger wedges give golfers an added level of confidence that they can hit the desired shot where they want.

Speaking of bunker play, the Skyforger wedges particularly feel great coming out of them, more so than higher priced competitors. The bounce feels just right on sand wedge shots with a great amount of spin as well.


How much do Takomo Golf Skyforger wedges cost?

They cost $99 USD each plus shipping.

What are the Takomo Skyforger wedges specs?

The specs of the Skyforger wedges are: 48 loft (8 bounce), 52 loft (10 bounce), 56 loft (12 bounce), 60 loft (12 bounce).

Is it possible to purchase the entire wedge set?

Currently the wedges are only being sold on an individual basis due to a lack of availability, but there may be an option in the future to purchase the wedges as part of a set.