Takomo 301 Combo Irons Review (WORKABILITY & Distance)

The Combo Irons set feature both muscle back and cavity back for the perfect combination

Get workability and added distance from the Takomo Combo set.

Takomo 301 Combo Irons
Portable Iron with Steam
Portable Iron with Steam

The Takomo 301 Combo irons provide consist of a combination of both muscle back and cavity back with both offering workability and added distance for low handicap golfers.

The Combo Irons set is designed to give golfers the flexibility they need to perform in any conditions with the 301 cavity back model included from 4-iron to 7-iron and muscle back from 8-iron to pitching wedge.

Takomo Golf is committed to providing a wide array of golf clubs to meet the needs of every golfer, and the 301 Combo irons are no different.

Takomo Golf recognised that lower handicap golfers needed an iron set that allows them to work the ball around the golf course without having to break the bank in order to get them.

Launched in 2022, the 301 combo irons meet this need by combining two different designs within one set. But are the 301 irons worth buying over similar iron sets today?

What Takomo say about the 301 Combo Irons:

“The Takomo 301 Combo set includes P to 8 in the 301 MB irons and 7 to 4 in the 301 CB irons.

“This combo set is designed for the golfer who wants to be able to shape approach shots with pinpoint accuracy while being able to reliably reach out and touch greens from longer distances.

Takomo 301 Combo Irons

“The Takomo Iron 301 combo set mixes 301 MBs in the shorter clubs with the CBs in the longer clubs.

“Where the MBs are a traditional muscleback blade design that promotes unparalleled workability, the CBs provide a forged feel with a touch more forgiveness without compromising that sleek bladed aesthetic.

“This combo set allows golfers to hit their targets reliably from longer range, with the added forgiveness of the CBs, while supporting shot-shaping and pinpoint accuracy from closer range, thanks to the MBs.”

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Takomo 301 Combo Irons Specs & Design

The Takomo 301 Combo irons feature a muscle back design in the 8-iron through pitching wedge along with a cavity back design in the 4-iron through 7-iron.

Takomo 301 CB Irons

The muscle back one-piece blade style design is forged from S20C steel, while the player’s cavity back irons are made from the same steel and have a one-piece construction as well.

The 301 Combo irons come in a set from 4-iron to pitching wedge with a KBS Tour or KBS Tour Lite shafts (Regular/Stiff/X), Lamkin Crossline grips, right or left-handed.

Verdict: Are the Takomo 301 Combo irons any good?

At $650 USD the Takomo 301 Combo irons are among the most expensive iron sets that Takomo Golf offers but compared to similar iron sets on the market today these provide an incredible value.

The value is found primarily in the muscle back irons in the set (8-iron through pitching wedge) in that they are arguably the easiest low irons to shape shots with on the market today.

Takomo 301 MB Irons

Those who play on courses that have windy conditions or require different types of shots in order to be effective will appreciate the workability these irons offer.

An underrated aspect of the long irons is the forgiveness they offer. Lower handicap players generally don’t expect high irons to offer a lot of forgiveness, but the 301 have a great combination of both forgiveness and shot-shaping characteristics.


How much do Takomo Golf 301 Combo irons cost?

They cost $650 USD plus shipping.

What are the Takomo Combo irons specs?

The specs of the 301 irons are: 4-iron (23 degrees), 5-iron (26 degrees), 6-iron (30 degrees), 7-iron (34 degrees), 8-iron (38 degrees), 9-iron (42 degrees), pitching wedge (47 degrees).

What is the difference between the 301 Combo and 301 MB Irons?

The 301 Combo iron set is a combination of players muscle back design in the 8-iron through pitching wedge and players cavity back design in the 4-iron through 7-iron. All of the 301 MB irons are players muscle back design.