Takomo 101T Irons Review (PLAYERS’ Iron, Distance & SPIN)

The re-imagined iron set by Takomo Golf provides much-needed improvements in the areas of distance and spin.

The 101T is aimed at low handicap and elite golfers.

Takomo 101T Irons

Takomo 101T irons are a hollow body player’s model that provide both distance and value and are aimed at the better players of the game.

The 101T is a sister model to the first ever Takomo iron the 101. Are the Takomo 101T Irons worth buying over similar iron sets today?

A few changes have been made from the 101 iron, including shorter blade lengths, less offset, and thinner toplines. These changes appeal to golfers looking to gain more distance and spin from their irons.

What hasn’t changed is the incredible value one can get from these irons, as they still feature the same high quality and low-price customers have come to expect from Takomo Golf.

What Takomo says about the 101T irons:

“The Iron 101T is a players distance iron packed with tech and beautiful looks. This iron blends distance, workability, and style.

“Takomo Iron 101T is a hollow body players-distance iron that boasts loads of forgiveness and ample ball speed.

Takomo 101T Irons

“Advanced players loved the original Iron 101, but wanted a shorter blade length with less offset and thinner topline. 

“Takomo Iron 101T shares the sleek looks of its big brother, Iron 101. The blade length is slightly shorter, the topline is thinner and the sole is narrower.

“The 101T has a beautifully designed 431 steel body with a hollow body design to promote forgiveness without giving up the distance.

“This iron’s hollow-body design makes it extremely forgiving. The thin face is precision-milled for high ball compression and spring effect leading to incredible ball speed, even on mishits.”

Takomo 101T Irons

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Takomo 101T Iron Specs & Design

The hallmark of a great company is in its ability to listen to what customers have to say about its products and make further improvements on them in the future.

Takomo Golf has done just that with the introduction of the 101T iron set, which were introduced in 2022 as an iron set for mid-to-low handicap players looking for more distance and spin compared to the 101 irons.

The 101T irons are a players’ distance iron featuring a hollow body design and precision milled thin face.

Takomo 101T Irons

They come in a set from 4-iron to pitching wedge with the following options: KBS Tour or KBS Tour Lite shafts (Regular/Stiff/X), Lamkin Crossline grips, right or left-handed.

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Verdict: Are the Takomo 101T irons any good?

At $589 USD the 101T irons are a bit more expensive vs the 101 irons but make up for it with the added distance and spin.

Compared with the 101 irons, low handicap players can find themselves gaining on average 3-5 extra yards from the 101T irons. Spin is fantastic, with the mid-irons in particular providing great check on the greens.

What is truly impressive about the 101T irons is the amount of forgiveness they have.

Irons sets with increased spin usually have less forgiveness, but the 101T irons had essentially the same amount of forgiveness as the 101 irons, which is truly telling something as the 101 irons are more suited to higher handicap players with less spin.


How much do Takomo Golf 101T irons cost?

They cost $589 USD plus shipping.

What are the Takomo 101T irons specs?

The specs of the 201 irons are: 4-iron (22 degrees), 5-iron (25 degrees), 6-iron (28 degrees), 7-iron (32 degrees), 8-iron (36 degrees), 9-iron (41 degrees) and pitching wedge (46 degrees).

What is the difference between the 101 vs 101T irons?

The 101T irons have a shorter blade length, less offset, and a thinner topline as well. The 101T irons are essentially for players who would like more distance than what the 101s offer.