Takomo 201 Irons Review (Value For Money FORGED Irons)

The 201 irons from Takomo are a players cavity forged model

A new Forged irons set, the Takomo’s 201s are value for money.

Takomo 201 Irons

Takomo 201 Irons are a new forged design offering value for money in a packed marketspace. Do the Takomo irons fit the mold of clubs golfers should buy?

Headquartered in Finland, Takomo Golf was founded in 2020 when CEO Sebastian Haapahovi was searching for quality golf sets and could not find any at a reasonable price point.

His solution to the problem? Create a new direct-to-consumer golf company that prides itself on making the highest quality golf clubs at the lowest prices possible.

In 2021, Takomo introduced its first iron set, the 101 irons designed for high-to-mid handicap golfers looking for higher trajectories and more overall forgiveness.

Takomo 201 Irons

The set was a success from the start, leading to enquiries about iron sets for low-to-mid handicap players. That is where the 201 irons come into play.

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What Takomo Golf says about the 201 Irons:

“The 201 is a forged player’s iron with control, distance, and great feel.

“Precision-forged S20C steel gives the Iron 201 a soft feel and responsiveness. The back and face are finished with a custom milling process.

“The Iron 201 cavity back design makes it forgiving while retaining workability. The milled back pocket adds ball speed and moves the center of mass low for additional forgiveness.

Takomo 201 Irons

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Takomo 201 Irons Specs & Design

The Takomo 201 irons came out in late 2021 to fill the iron gap for low-to-mid handicap golfers.

Featuring a classic players cavity back design and made from precision forged S20C steel, what makes the 201 irons stand out from its competitors is a milled back pocket.

This pocket lowers the center of mass to provide added forgiveness that other irons simply cannot copy.

Takomo 201 Irons

The 201 irons come in a set from 4-iron to Pitching Wedge along with the following options: KBS Tour or KBS Tour Lite shafts (Regular/Stiff/X), Lamkin Crossline grips, right or left-handed.

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Verdict: Are the Takomo 201 irons any good?

The irons feature a simple, no-frills design that mirror other cavity back sets on the market, but at only $589 the iron set feels and performs like it should be worth double that.

Forgiveness is where the irons really stand out. You won’t find as much distance on mishits, but the ball will remain much straighter than comparable sets.

Takomo 201 Irons

It is very easy to shape the ball in any direction with these irons. Those who draw the ball will especially find the irons useful, as they feel like butter when hitting them.

For the price, I would argue Takomo 201 Irons provide the best return on investment out of any iron set on the market.


How much do Takomo Golf 201 irons cost?

They cost $589 USD plus shipping.

What are the Takomo 201 irons specs?

The specs of the 201 irons are: 4-iron (22 degrees), 5-iron (25 degrees), 6-iron (28 degrees), 7-iron (32 degrees), 8-iron (36 degrees), 9-iron (41 degrees), pitching wedge (46 degrees).

Are the Takomo 101 or 201 irons better?

Go with the 201 irons. They may not provide as much forgiveness as the 101 irons but they will make up for it in distance and the ability to hit a variety of shots around the golf course.