Teeless Driver Review

The Teeless driver is an interesting concept designed for use off the tee or the deck

Is the (T)Less Driver any good and how does it perform as a 3-wood?

Teeless Driver

The Teeless Driver is an interesting concept, designed to be a big stick and 3-wood all in one. Is it actually playable off the tee and the fairways?

The team behind this model believe they have come up with one of the most playable drivers in all scenarios on the course, and one that helps add flexibility to what’s in your bag.

Former PGA Tour winner Notah Begay III is an ambassador for the brand, with the Teeless driver being promoted as one of the most versatile ever produced.

What Teeless says about the driver:

“The Teeless is long from the tee, long from the turf. It goes up in the air and dead straight from almost any lie.

“In fact, the more ground you hit, the longer and higher the ball will travel. And this means regular golfers can even hit it out of a divot or the sand.

(T)Less Driver

“Compared to conventional drivers, it can be a difference of 10 yards or less when you miss the sweet spot by just a half an inch toward the toe or heel. By making the entire face hotter, you’ll lose almost no distance on balls struck off center.

“Teeless’ revolutionary weighting makes it SO easy to hit the ball up in the air and out of nearly any lie. By moving the weight low and way back in the clubhead, you’ll find it easy to hit higher from tee, the turf, the sand, even out of a divot.”

Teeless Driver Design & Featues

Teeless’ big selling point about this driver is that it is unique, being designed to work as effectively from the deck without a tee as it is being teed up.

The first thing to note is that this driver has been created much shorter than more traditional drivers. It is the same length as a standard 3-wood.

Teeless Driver

The weight in the driver has been positioned back and low to help launch the ball, and it is this design that makes it played from fairways and as well as the tee box.

At 13 degrees of loft, the Teeless driver has been designed to replace your big stick and 3-wood and provide flexibility of choice elsewhere in your bag.

Distance wise, the driver is comparable with most other models on the market. That’s because the sweet spot has been enlarged to generate maximum distance even from off centre strikes.

The (T)Less driver comes fitted with a premium Fujikura custom shaft and Lamkin Cross-line grip.

(T)Less Driver

Verdict: Is the Teeless Driver any good?

We’ve all contemplated hitting driver off the deck to eek out some extra yards and reach a par-5 in two.

The Teeless driver gives that very option because this a club that can be used off a tee peg or from the pristine fairways and at 13 degrees it generates an impressive ball flight. It even works out of divots.

There’s something strange to the concept overall, but because of the loft the driver does perform like a 3-wood from fairways. It won’t be for everyone, but it can help free up space in your bag for an extra club.


How much does the Teeless driver cost?

The driver has a retail price of $349 / $259, although is sold at discounted rates from time to time.

What loft is the Teeless driver?

The Teeless driver is 13 degrees of loft and is not adjustable.

Does the Tee Less driver come with a guarantee?

Yes. The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the driver after purchase.