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Wilson Deep Red Golf Balls Review

Wilson Deep Red Balls

Wilson Deep Red Golf Balls appeal to a wide variety of golfers as an affordable yet solid performer. We take a look at what to expect.

The Deep Red balls deliver distance and control in part thanks to the tested-and-true dimple pattern and core.

Ideally suited to higher handicap golfers and beginners to the game, the Deep Red golf balls are on of the best value available.

What Wilson say about the Deep Red Golf Balls:

“The ball has a mid compression core and hard cover which improves feel and playability during your short game.

“It has an enhanced aerodynamic dimple pattern which provides greater power off the tee and a hard cover to roll every last yard out of your golf swing.

Wilson Deep Red Golf Balls

“It has a resilient cutproof ionomer cover, high powered titanium core for maximum distance and optimum spin for maximum control.”

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Wilson Deep Red Golf Balls Design & Features

The Deep Red balls feature a mid-level compression and a durable hard cover.

Designed to maximise distance yet still provide playability in the shorter game, that is achieved thanks to the titanium core.

Wilson Deep Red Ball

The 2-piece ball also features a durable ionomer cover that ensures the Wilson Deep Reds last a long time.

Only available in white, the Deep Reds feature an aerodynamic dimple design to maximise ball flight and extract distance.

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Verdict: Are the Wilson Deep Red golf balls any good?

These golf balls offer good value and incredibly popular with players that are new to the sport.

The Wilson Deep Red balls aren’t blessed with the finer points or cutting-edge technology, but you get a ball that stands up well in the 2-piece sector.

You get a good standard ball to play that won’t be breaking the budget. But this isn’t a ball that offers workability that good standard golfers are looking for.


How much do the Wilson Deep Red Balls cost?

The balls are available in packs of 12 balls, 15 balls or 24 balls from a number of outlets. Prices start from £18 / £25.

What level of golfer do the Wilson Deep Red balls suit?

They are a 2-piece ball ideally suited to beginners and high handicap golfers.