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Home » XXIO 12 Irons Review (INCREASE Club Head Speed)

XXIO 12 Irons Review (INCREASE Club Head Speed)

XXIO 12 Irons

XXIO 12 irons are new for 2022 and have been designed with lightweight as the key element to help generate more distance without increasing club head speed.

The team behind the number 12 irons have enjoy a mix of combined flex technologies and what XXIO call “exotic materials” to increase ball speed without the need to swing harder and faster.

Part of a new series of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, the new XXIO irons provide improved ball striking, added distance, more control and are an eye-catching addition to the market for 2022.

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What XXIO says about the new 2022 release:

“From grip to tip, the inexplicably ultralightweight XXIO 12 Irons are designed with one thing in mind – utilizing ultramodern flex technologies and exotic materials to promote significant ball speed improvement without the need to increase swing tempo.

“Ultimately, it means you can hit longer and more accurate iron shots without having to change your mechanics. Experience the Difference.

“Swing easy and strike it pure with premium XXIO 12 Irons. Featuring remarkably ultralightweight construction, world-class softness, and new ball speed technologies, you can achieve enhanced striking distance and better spin simply by swinging naturally.

XXIO 12 Irons

“Our thinnest Titanium Iron Faces ever allow the entire face to flex more extensively. Synchronously, a secondary Rebound Frame flex zone in the sole, supported by the Iron’s rigid body, amplifies ball speed to reach unprecedented levels.

“Progressive variable face thickness and a tungsten-nickel weight in the toe optimize speed, stability and launch for every loft. A lower Center of Gravity for Long Irons creates more carry; a higher one for Short Irons emphasizes control.”

XXIO 12 Irons Design & Features

XXIO have focused on creating an ultra lightweight iron that produces distance, carry and increased ball speed without the need to swing faster and harder.

The club head features the thinnest Titanium face that XXIO have used to create more flex in the iron to add speed to your ball striking. This is all part of the “new ball speed technologies”.

XXIO 12 Irons

The irons also feature XXIO’s Rebound Frame flex zone in the sole to help generate more speed from your same swing speed.

XXIO have moved a tungsten-nickel weight more towards the toe to help generate more speed, create a higher launch and add forgiveness by lowering the CG.

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Verdict: Are XXIO 12 Irons any good?

All golfers crave more speed, distance and carry and XXIO have managed to achieve it in the new irons without the need to go searching for it.

XXIO 12 Irons

There’s no need to go harder and faster at the ball because the XXIO irons deliver the goods with you current swing speed.

Extremely long, boasting impressive carry and both lightweight and forgiving, there is a lot like about the new addition to the market.


What is the XXIO 12 irons release date?

The new 12 irons model is being released for general sale in March, 2022.

How much does the new XXIO irons cost?

XXIO’s new irons set are being sold at around $1345 / £1099.

What are the XXIO 12 irons specs?

The XXIO 12 irons are available from 4-iron to sand wedge. Sets are available of individual irons.