XXIO Rebound Drive Golf Balls Review

Rebound Drive balls are new for 2022 with XXIO perfecting the latest model.

The new Rebound Drive balls are a real all-rounder.

XXIO Rebound Drive Balls

XXIO Rebound Drive golf balls are new for 2022 with the three-piece ball offering all round performance from tee to green.

The manufacturer believe they have come up with the perfect construction for golfers with a swing speed of 75+ mph with the three-layer ball providing control and distance in equal measure.

The new balls feature a flexing core, a more rigid mid-layer and a super soft cover to produce impressive ball speed with added forgiveness that golfers crave.

What XXIO says about the Rebound Drive balls:

“This 3-layer structure interposes areas with high and low rigidity to produce just the right amount of flex for each shot, providing higher initial ball speed as well as a softer feel at impact.

“XXIO Rebound Frame, get outstanding distance from your golf ball too!

XXIO Rebound Drive Balls

“Each round you play, you experience all types of shots. From tee to green, you’ll play from fairways, rough, bunkers, and greens with the same ball.

“XXIO Rebound Drive provides all of the versatile performance that golfers demand for every situation, all made possible thanks to our proprietary Rebound Frame Technology, now featured in the all new XXIO Rebound Drive.”

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XXIO Rebound Drive Golf Balls Design & Features

The Rebound Drive ball is a three-piece construction aimed at handicap golfers with a swing speed of upwards of 75+ mph.

The latest generation of the model has been changed to create three alternating levels of firmness for what XXIO believe is the perfect flex from a ball.

XXIO Rebound Drive Balls

The Rebound Drive golf balls has a fast layer core, which flexes more than in previous version for improved energy transfer upon ball strike.

The mid-layer is a high resilient “hard rigid zone” with greater rigidity and elasticity to provide a degree of firmness to the Rebound Drive.

The outer layer, like the core, is described as a “soft flex zone” and features an innovative cover design that is both sufficiently soft for approach play and resilient for longer game gains.

The overall compression comes in at 78, putting it on the firm side of soft, while the cover has the same 338 dimple pattern as the Srixon Z-Star and Q-Star balls

The XXIO Rebound Drive golf balls are available in white, yellow lime and a mixed box of a multi colours.

XXIO Rebound Drive Golf Balls

Verdict: Are XXIO Rebound Golf Balls any good?

The new Rebound balls are a good improvement and an ideal option for handicap golfers looking for performance gains from the tee, fairways and greens.

This is a real all-rounder that you can expect to help get the most from your game, although if you have a very slow swing speed or a very fast swing speed.

The cover is not the best you will find on the market, and the logo is relatively large. Some will find that off-putting. But on the whole, at the price point this is a value for money ball.


How much do XXIO Rebound Driver balls cost?

The new XXIO golf balls retail at around £38 / $50 per dozen.

What is the compression of the XXIO Rebound Drive golf balls?

The Rebound Drive is a 3-piece ball with alternating soft and firm layers. It is suited to golfers with a swing speed of 75+ mph and has a mid-range compression of 78.

What colours are XXIO Rebound Drive balls available in?

The balls are available in white, yellow lime and a mixed box of a multi colours.