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XXIO 12 Woods Review (LIGHT Fairways, LONG Distance)

XXIO 12 Woods

XXIO 12 woods are new for 2022 and have been designed to cater to golfers with moderate swing speed. How do these lightweight fairway woods perform?

Joining the XXIO 12 driver, hybrids and irons in the range, the new fairway woods are designed to favour moderate swing speed golfers who may be fighting a slice.

Featuring aerodynamic technology that enhances a more effortless swing as well as enabling a square club head to the target at impact, the XXIO 12 woods really catch the eye.

What XXIO says about the new fairway woods:

“XXIO 12 Fairway Woods: a family of incredibly ultralightweight and forgiving Fairway Woods created to turn your easy swings into those long, towering shots that keep you in the game.

“These clubs aren’t just light as air – they harness it. With enhanced aerodynamics on new XXIO 12 Woods, airflow bends to your will as you swing, guiding you on to effortless speed and purer strikes. It’s only possible with XXIO.

XXIO 12 Woods

By manipulating airflow – like the wings of an airplane – ActivWing improves aerodynamics at the start of your downswing to stabilize the clubhead and tighten your impact pattern.

“The subtle forces generated by the airfoil shape won’t slow you down, but they’re just strong enough to correct face angle and improve contact. Which, in turn, reduces slice and puts more shots directly on the sweet spot.”

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XXIO 12 Woods Specs & Design

Much like the XXIO 12 driver, the XXIO 12 fairways have been designed to help golfers generate more clubhead speed as well as distance.

Designers have achieved this thanks to a combination of a lightweight step-down crown design, and ActiveWing technology. The lowering of the centre of gravity, has created a higher launch.

XXIO 12 Fairways

Much more than just a catchy market-driven name, the ActivWing technology uses a trapezoidal wedge on the heel of the club to help increase distance and launch angle.

More than this, the ActivWing design stabilizes the head of the fairways in the first half of the downswing, helping to keep the face squarer at impact.

Thanks to the ActivWing technology helping you find the sweet spot with a squarer clubface, golfers can expect a tighter impact area and to hit straight shots due to less variation in face-angle at impact.

The high-strength HT1770M Steel face of the XXIO 12 woods is larger and thinner and the COR has been improved across the entire cup face. It helps generate more ball speed and distance regardless of where the club strikes the ball.

XXIO 12 Woods

The XXIO 12 woods are available in 3 wood (15 degrees), 4-wood (16.5 degrees), 5-wood (18 degrees), 7-wood (20 degrees) and 9-wood (23 degrees).

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Verdict: Are XXIO 12 Fairway Woods any good?

The design and specification of the woods has allowed for more clubhead speed and distance from the new fairways.

XXIO 12 Fairway Woods

This lightweight design encourages a higher launch, more carry distance and a softer landing on the greens. The all-round performance is pretty impressive, although the price is a little eye-watering.

The one downside to the XXIO 12 – as with previous generations – is that they do not have an adjustable hosel. That aside, they are worthy of consideration if you are in the markets for some new fairways.


How much do the XXIO 12 woods cost?

The XXIO 12 woods cost $400 / £350.

What are the XXIO fairway woods specs?

The XXIO 12 woods are available in 3 wood (15 degrees), 4-wood (16.5 degrees), 5-wood (18 degrees), 7-wood (20 degrees) and 9-wood (23 degrees).

What does ActivWing Technology mean?

ActivWing technology uses the design of the club head to stabilize the clubhead like the wings of a plane. It alters the aerodynamic forces at work during the first half of the downswing, generating lift and guiding the club to its optimal impact angle, thus boosting the speed and distance of the shot.

Do pro golfers use the XXIO 12 range?

No. Because the XXIO 12 series was designed for golfers with slow to medium speeds, you will not find them in the bag of any pro golfers.