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Home » XXIO 12 Hybrids Review (LIGHTWEIGHT & Forgiving Rescues)

XXIO 12 Hybrids Review (LIGHTWEIGHT & Forgiving Rescues)

XXIO 12 Hybrids

The XXIO 12 hybrids hit the market in February 2022 and have become a popular option for golfers looking for lightweight and forgiving rescues.

They hybrid debuted alongside with the rest of their family, comprising of an XXIO 12 driver, fairway woods, irons and a putter, all in men’s and women’s specs.

The XXIO 12 hybrids are aimed at average golfers with slower than average swing speeds seeking forgiving clubs that are easier to hit.

What XXIO says about the 12 Hybrids:

“Seeking better trajectory, tighter control and more forgiveness from your hybrids?

“These four, brand-new XXIO 12 Hybrids deliver all that in an amazingly ultralightweight design made specifically for moderate swing speed golfers.

XXIO 12 Hybrids

“Whether striking one from the second cut, escaping thick rough, or even playing fairway bunker shots, you’ll immediately Experience the Difference.

“These clubs aren’t just light as air – they harness it. With enhanced aerodynamics on new XXIO 12 Hybrids, airflow bends to your will as you swing, guiding you on to effortless speed and purer strikes.”

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XXIO 12 Hybrids Specs & Design

The XXIO 12 hybrids are designed expressly with moderate swing speeds in mind. The idea is to provide a club that can be used out of rough, from fairways and just be easier to hit in general.

XXIO 12 Hybrids

The key technologies used in the creation of the lightweight rescues include ActivWing, which stabilises the clubhead by altering aerodynamic forces at work in the first half of the downswing.

The airfoil design generates lift, guiding the club to its optimal launch angle for maximum speed and distance.

XXIO have also included Rebound Frame technology with four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones to enhance overall COR.

XXIO 12 Hybrids

The Flat Cup Face design means the centre of the face is larger but also thinner to help enhance speed and distance regardless of where the ball is struck.

The Canon Sole features a floating weight pad, which optimises launch while also allowing space for improved face flex and the Step Crown also promotes face flex while lowering the Center of Gravity.

Weight Plus Technology is the positioning of mass beneath the grip, behind the hands to help make the downswing more consistent.

The rescues are available in 3-Hybrid, 4-Hybrid, 5-Hybrid and 6-Hybrid.

XXIO 12 Hybrids

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Verdict: Are XXIO 12 hybrids any good?

XXIO 12 hybrids are designed for a very specific type of golfer and, if you are a low to mid handicap golfer able to strike the ball well, they won’t be for you.

The XXIO 12 shines as the ideal choice for golfers of moderate swing speeds seeking that little bit more assistance and forgiveness from their clubs.

These hybrids help get the ball into the air better, make hitting out of rough a lot easier and are a great replacement for longer irons if you struggle.


How much do the XXIO 12 hybrids cost?

The XXIO 12 hybrids are retailing for the price tag of around $300/£255.

What are the XXIO 12 hybrids specs?

The hybrids are available in four different lofts, H3, H4, H5, H6 which equate to 18, 20, 23 and 26 degrees.

The clubs come with an XXIO 12 MP-1200 Graphite shaft available in two different flexes, regular and stiff. The 6-hybrid is also the only club that doesn’t have a stiff flex shaft option.

The 4 and 5 hybrids are available for left and right handers while the 3 and 6 hybrids are for right handers only.

Finally, there are two choices of grip, a XXIO Weight Plus Grip and a Custom WINN Dri-Tac Lite Std Grip.

Do any pro golfers use XXIO?

XXIO currently have three ambassadors. Martin Hall, who gives golf tips on the website, Randy Myers, who supplies fitness tips, and their main global ambassador, Ernie Els, a four-time major champion and former world number one golfer.