Benross Pearl Driver Review (Quality LADIES Driver)

The Pearl driver is exclusively designed for lady golfers

Pearl drivers from Benross are the perfect option for ladies.

Benross Pearl Driver

The Benross Pearl driver is designed exclusively for ladies, offering a high launch with incredible forgiveness.

The Pearl range, which also features fairway woods, hybrids and irons, is designed for lady golfers at an affordable price but with plenty of performance gains.

The lightweight Pearl driver has a low centre of gravity for a high launch angle from the tee, more carry distance through the air and increased ball speeds from an innovative CT Response Channel in the clubhead.

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What Benross says about the Pearl driver:

“The Pearl range designed specifically with lady golfers in mind to help improve your game.

“The Pearl Driver has been designed with a High Launch loft and low CG position helping to increase initial launch angle resulting in greater carry distance.

“An innovative CT Response Channel increases ball speed across the entire face and vastly improves feel.

Benross Pearl Driver

“The Pearl Driver aesthetics are unparalleled in ladies golf with a stunning two-tone finish and subtle alignment aid.

“The Pearl Driver features a super light-weight Fujikura Vista Pro Pearl shaft, helping to maximise swing speed.”

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Benross Pearl Driver Specs & Design

The Benross Pearl driver is designed for women and has several features and benefits that suit lady golfers with slower swing speeds than their male counterparts.

One of the key elements has been to keep the Pearl driver as light as possible, with Benross partly achieving that will the inclusion of a super lightweight Fujikura Vista Pro Pearl shaft for maximize swing speed.

Benross Pearl Driver

The Pearl features heel and toe weight cells, which are used to maximize Moment of Inertia (MOI) and enhance forgiveness from across the face and on off-center strikes.

By optimizing the flex of the face, it provides a more responsive and satisfying impact, improved feel and minimises distance loss when the sweet spot isn’t found.

Behind the face is a CT Response Channel, which is engineered to promote increased ball speed across the whole face.

Benross Pearl Driver

The center of gravity (CG) is positioned toward the back of the head to help launch the ball higher and further thanks to maximising carry distance.

The driver is sold in one loft of 13.5 degrees and is not adjustable.

Verdict: Is the Benross Pearl Driver any good?

In short yes. This is a club designed specifically with lady golfers in mind and it delivers everything and more that anyone could want.

Benross Pearl Driver

A more consistent strike from across the face, an optimised launch angle for more carry, longer distances and more forgiveness…it has it all.

Incredibly light, Benross have designed the Pearl driver so that even the slowest of swing speeds can generate more ball speed and distance.


What are the Benross Pearl Driver specs?

The driver is sold in one loft of 13.5 degrees and is not adjustable.

How much does the Benross Pearl Driver cost?

It retails at around £99.99 and is a value for money option.