Benross Aero X Driver Review

The Benross Aero X Driver is a value for money option

The Aero X Driver from Benross is an ultra lightweight option that won’t break the bank.

Benross Aero X Driver

The Benross Aero X driver is an extremely light driver aimed at helping increase ball speed. GolfReviewsGuide takes a look.

The Aero X won’t break the bank, but the 460cc driver is packed with the latest technological advances to help bring out your best from the tee.

Featuring an ultra lightweight titanium crown, a flow channel design for improved aerodynamics and ball speed and variable face thickness, the Aero X is value for money.

What Benross say about the Aero X Driver:

“The Benross Aero X driver utilises an ultra lightweight and aerodynamic 460cc head construction to generate increased distance performance.

“The driver has a super lightweight Titanium 6A-4V construction, lighter to make distance much easier and faster to generate.

“It has weight is strategically positioned toward the back of the driver to create a deep CG position. Leading to large MOI and a higher launch angle.

This newly designed Aero Crown, features an air flow channel which generates a more efficient air flow which reduces drag, helping increase club head speed.

“This impressive feature boosts ball speeds across the face by utilising variable face thickness. It even has optimum centered target markings to highlight the sweet spot.”

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Benross Aero X Driver Design & Features

Benross Aero X Driver
Benross Aero X Driver
Benross Aero X Driver

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