Callaway Mavrik Hybrids Review (Mavrik, Max & Pro)

Three hybrid models feature in the Callaway Mavrik range

Callaway Mavrik Hybrids

Callaway Mavrik hybrids are part of the Mavrik family with three models of rescues and offers impressive long game performance.

The Mavrik hybrids are joined in the range by Mavrik drivers, Mavrik woods and Mavrik irons with the promise from Callaway that the new products provide “distance that defies convention”.

The Mavrik hybrids come with three separate models – the Mavrik, the Mavrik Max and the Mavrik Pro – to cater for all types of golfers.

What Callaway say about the Mavrik hybrids:

“(The Mavrik Hybrid features) low CG and high MOI in a mid-sized head packed with speed-enhancing technologies for easy to play distance.

“(The Mavrik Max Hybrid has) a larger body and deeper CG for higher MOI and easy to launch long distance.

“(The Mavrik Pro Hybrid has) a compact profile, shallower face and cambered sole in a fairway wood-like shape designed with a neutral CG for increased versatility.”

Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Review

The standard model in the range, the Mavrik hybrids is the neutral rescues offering distance and accuracy gains.

The hybrids are the first to feature Callaway’s innovative Flash Face Technology, which delivers explosive ball speeds from across the entire face.

The rescues are designed with Artificial Intelligence with Callaway using it to come up with the perfect loft, launch angle and spin rates to maximise distance from the tee, fairway or rough.

Callaway Mavrik Hybrid

Also present in the hybrids for the first time in the Jailbreak Technology with two bars placed behind the face connecting the sole to the crown.

The design changes has allowed Callaway to move the CG low and increase the MOI for maximum forgiveness across the hybrids range.

The Mavrik is available in 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid and 6-hybrid.

Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid Review

The Mavrik Max differs from the standard model with a slightly larger clubhead, which is designed to be easier to launch with a lower CG.

Ideally suited to higher-handicap golfer due to the wide range of lofts, the Max model is much more forgiving that the standard Mavrik rescue.

Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid

The Mavrik Max rescues are available in 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid, 6-hybrid, 7-hybrid and 8-hybrid and allow you to replace up to your 8-iron.

The design elements match the other versions with A.I. Technology used for the first time in a hybrid, Flash Face Technology helping increase ball speeds and Jailbreak Technology strengthening the face.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid Review

The Mavrik Pro hybrid, as you might imagine, is the Tour-level model of the trio of rescues in the range.

It has been designed with a more fairway wood look and feel, including a much flatter sole than in the Mavrik or Max rescues and a much squarer face.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid

It boasts a smaller and more shallow club head, weaker lofts, a flatter lie and a more neutral CG than the other two options. As a result, there is less forgiveness in the Pro model.

It is still packed with technology, including the A.I. design, Flash Face Technology and Jailbreak Technology for all-round performance gains.

The Pro is only available in 3-hybrid and 4-hybrid.

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Verdict: Are Callaway Mavrik Hybrids any good?

The Mavrik hybrids range is the first to have Jailbreak Technology and Flash Face Technology thrown at it and you will notice these are hot off the face.

The three designs are all different and offer something different, although the standard model will be the one best suited to the majority of golfers.

The introduction of a Pro model is an interesting move and caters for elite golfers, while the Max is the ideal choice if you struggle to hit your irons.


How much do the Callaway Mavrik Hybrids cost?

The rescues originally cost around $280 / £249 per club but can now be purchased for around $185 / £150.

Which is the best Callaway Mavrik Rescue?

Each of the three models offer something difference. The Mavrik is the standard version, the Max is more forgiving and easier to launch and the Pro is for elite level players.

What are the Callaway Mavrik Hybrids specs?

The Mavrik are available in 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid and 6-hybrid, the Max rescues are available in 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid, 6-hybrid, 7-hybrid and 8-hybrid and the Pro hybrids come in 3-hybrid and 4-hybrid options.