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Home » Callaway Mavrik Drivers Review (Mavrik, MAX & Sub Zero)

Callaway Mavrik Drivers Review (Mavrik, MAX & Sub Zero)

Callaway Mavrik Drivers

Callaway Mavrik Drivers have hit the market with AI used in the creation of clubs that come with the promise that “distance that defies convention”.

The Callaway Mavrik driver was released in January 2020 as a new replacement for the popular Callaway Rogue, and it looks set to make a big impact.

Sitting alongside the Callaway Epic Flash range, the Mavrik’s also include fairway woods, hybrids and irons with various design options available to choose from.

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Callaway Mavrik Drivers Design

The Callaway Mavrik driver has been been design using many of the traits of the Rogue, but this one stands out with a very neat orange and black colour scheme.

There is Callaway’s Flash Face technology with the super computer and AI used to come up with the perfect combination – just as it was in the creation of the Epic Flash.

Interestingly, Callaway are now using variations on the Flash Face technology is their various driver options.

Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology has also been incorporated in the Mavrik, Mavrik Max and Mavrik Sub Zero options, and the Triaxial Carbon Crown is also present in the new release.

The end result with the Mavrik is a fully-adjustable driver that produces greater ball speed, more forgiveness and a supreme sound that golfers will just love hearing on the tee box.

The face has been made marginally lighter than the Rogue, but it has also been strengthened by the latest titanium compound used.

“With Mavrik we invested in a new and more powerful super-computer which significantly advanced our understanding of A.I. and machine learning,” Callaway says.

“We discovered how to apply A.I. to make smarter and wider ranging performance improvements in the face and throughout the club head.”

Callaway Mavrik Drivers Verdict

The Callaway Rogue was an hugely popular option for golfers of all abilities, and the Mavrik is another improvement.

While the Epic Flash will remain the premium option for Callaway, the Mavrik offers are very impressive alternative for lovers of the brand.

There is a lot to like about the Mavriks with increased distance, more forgiveness to help find more fairways and spectacular performance levels.

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