Callaway Mavrik Woods Review

Mavrik woods feature three different Callaway models

The Mavrik range features the Mavrik, Max and Sub Zero woods.

Callaway Mavrik Woods

Callaway Mavrik woods were introduced as part of a new range in 2020 with AI used in the creation of clubs.

The Mavrik family also features the Mavrik drivers, Mavrik hybrids and Mavrik irons with the promise from Callaway that the new products provide “distance that defies convention”.

The Mavrik woods come with three separate models – the Mavrik, the Mavrik Max and the Mavrik Sub Zero – to cater for all types of golfers.

What Callaway say about the Mavrik fairway woods:

“(The Mavrik is) our fastest fairway wood (and) is built for confidence with a large and expansive hitting area. Featuring a single fixed weight in the sole to pull the CG low and back in the head for high launch and flat trajectory.

(The Mavrik Max features) our largest and most forgiving head, with two interchangeable weights (14g and 2g) in the sole to promote MAX forgiveness or MAX draw.

“Compact head, face shape, and leading edge architecture in the Sub Zero are preferred by better players who like to work the ball. Includes interchangeable weights (14g and 2g) in the sole to fine-tune launch angle and spin-rate.”

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Callaway Mavrik Woods

Callaway Mavrik Woods Review

The Mavrik fairway wood is the standard option of the three models, featuring one fixture weight on the sole of the club head to produce a slight draw.

Callaway have managed to lower the CG and move it to the back of the fairway wood head to generate a high launch and a much improved trajectory from previous models.

Callaway Mavrik Woods

They have achieved this thanks to weight savings from the T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown, which features a mid club head in size and a Progressive Leading Edge.

The woods feature a SS20 steel face featuring Flash Face Technology and have been AI-powered in the design with the now standard Jailbreak Technology for added ball speed.

Callaway Mavrik Max Woods Review

The Mavrik Max has the largest club head of the three options in the range with more coverage than the Mavrik thanks to an oversized look.

The major difference in the Mavrik vs Mavrik Max is the fact this model has two interchangeable weights of 14g and 2g on the sole to allow some adjustability in setup.

Callaway Mavrik Max Woods

The heavier weight can be positioned at the back for maximum forgiveness or in the heel position to create a maximum draw shape.

Expect a high launch from the Max and a mid ball flight, with a slight draw with the weight back or strong draw with the weight in the heel.

The most versatile of the three models also features a shallow SS20 steel face featuring Flash Face Technology and Jailbreak Technology.

Callaway Mavrik Mavrik Sub Zero Review

The Sub Zero comes with a compact club head than the Max, but does have the two interchangeable weights on the sole.

This is a fairway wood all about produce a low ball flight and a neutral to fade shot shape, regardless of whether the weights are positioned back or front centre.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Woods

Low spin rates mean you can really extract maximum distance from the Sub Zero woods without worrying about forgiveness.

Like the other two models, the Sub Zero features a T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown, SS20 face featuring Flash Face Technology and Jailbreak Technology, but there is no Progressive Leading Edge in this one.

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