Callaway Rogue Driver Review

Impressive Callaway driver offering forgiveness and distance

Callaway Rogue Driver

The Callaway Rogue driver is the newest release from the leading manufacturer and it has immediately proved a hit with golfers.

The Rogue follows on from the successful release of the Epic driver in 2017, but the Rogue will replace it as Callaway’s number one driver with technology advancing the performance further to extract more distance and accuracy.

With three separate versions created to cater for golfers with all swing speeds and shot shapes, rather than one adjustable version to cover a wide range, Callaway are really putting the player first. And what they have come up with is seriously impressive.

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Callaway Rogue Driver

The Callaway Rogue driver is already the preferred choice of several tours stars including Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson among others.

Rather than make a truly adjustable version of the Rogue, Callaway instead opted to create three separate drivers. The Standard, Sub Zero and Draw drivers should suit golfers with differing set up requirements and give the option of draw or fade bias or neutral.

Callaway Rogue Driver Design

One thing you will notice immediately with the design of the Callaway Rogue driver is that the clubhead is marginally bigger than the Epic but has a significantly more stretched look. The reason behind it is to accommodate improved Jailbreak Technology which impressed in the Epic.

Despite the bigger clubhead and altered shape, the carbon fibre Speed Step crown is both thinner and lighter than its predecessor. The carbon fibre sole has also been replaced to improved aerodynamics and lower the CG.

The Jailbreak Technology, which features both horizontal and vertical bars behind the face, has been changed from the Epic to become more hourglass in shape to provide a stiffer yet flexible platform. As a result, Callaway say the Rogue is more forgiving with a 16% tighter shot dispersion.

The Jailbreak Technology also features in the Callaway Rogue woods, which was not the case with the Epic range.

Callaway Rogue Driver Verdict

The Rogue produces greater ball speed, higher ball flight, longer carry distance and length off the tee, and is more forgiving, making it a real gem of a driver. It doesn’t come cheap and you will need to be clear in which of the three versions you want to buy, but it certainly delivers what it promises to.

If you are looking for a driver to increase your distance from the tee but still improves accuracy and forgiveness, then the Rogue is well worth considering. If adjustability is what you’re after then the Epic might be a better choice, but for a solid performing driver then the Rogue beats it hands down.

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